Hitman Trilogy Soundtrack Availability on Digital Music Streaming Services

Hi, I would like to ask someone from IOI about any plans of having the Hitman Trilogy Soundtrack on streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify, please. I own the Deluxe Edition of the game and just downloaded it from IOI using my linked account wiht the copy of the game. However, it’s a hurdle to transfer MP3 files on an iPhone, risking of messing your Apple Music library. Other soundtracks (apart from Absolution) are on Apple Music and Spotify, and other soundtracks from other games from other publishers also find their way on music streaming services.

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A YouTuber named Salem has been posting Hitman 3 soundtracks.

If you’re using Apple Music, you can add it to your iTunes (or Music, if you’re using Mac) on PC. Then it will be uploaded to your library, and you will be able to download or stream it on your iPhone.

Since it’s a part of Deluxe Edition, I don’t think it will be available on the streaming services, at least for months or years.

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