Hitman Trilogy Survey Questions ~ if you have a moment to answer

What do you consider the most iconic kills in the Trilogy? Please list: Target and method. I’m looking for a list of about a dozen or so but feel fee to list as many or as few as you wish.

If you were to choose items for a special edition of Hitman, what would you have selected? For example Hitman 2 had both a collectors edition and a rare Press Kit edition (limited to 250 copies). The press kit edition items can be seen here:

Basically if you could were designing the kit, what would you have included?

Have you ever wanted a poster or painting of Hitman? is the image available from official sources? If not, what type of scene would you want? A portrait? A standard marketing pose? Or an action scene or something more dynamic from one of the missions?

Feel free to mention any fan art or fan created items you have seen and liked as well.

Thanks for your time.

  1. Sophia Washington - killing her as Janus
    The Constant (wasn’t the most satisfying, but I do have to include it) - making him forget everything
    Viktor Novikov - killing him with the light rig
    Yuki Yamazaki - pushing her down during a yoga lesson
  2. That golden badge that can be seen when selecting a difficulty on a mission, shooting Agent 47 figurine, Herald badge besides that golden badge, briefcase like in that ultra rare press kit, might be too much, but a small piece of one of the maps (mini burj al-ghazali, front of the train, front of carlisle mansion, etc.) Isle of sgail mask, imitation ICA-19 (might also be too much), physical book version of the World of HITMAN digital book, etc.

I personally wouldn’t put all of these into a single kit, these are just ideas

  1. I feel like this would be the best idea: A5 paper size, the faces of random targets throughout the trilogy, or even ones that didn’t appear as targets, only mentioned, and have the option to put a red x mark over them if you want (a.k.a. “eliminated”). You could have a wall filled with these pictures and it would feel pretty good (maybe even immersive) to have like 10 of them filled with past or future ET targets and keep track on which ones you succesfully eliminated.

Journey to Soders is always fun, so those are most memorable for me. If I had to pick one, the challenge “one last time Mr. Soders” stands out, although I am not sure if it’s possible to do it saso.

Hitman calendar with images of 12 appropriate locations would be cool.