Hitman versus Hitman Classic

**Since I am still very new to the Hitman franchise(having only began 3 weeks ago)…I found the whole Hitman history very confusing.I began with Hitman 2 and then bought Hitman 3.I then bought the Hitman download(thinking that was as far back as Hitman went.After which,I was considering buying the Hitman Enhanced version download(not realizing that it was the classic Hitman & I was appalled at the enormous price of $60,as everything else I had purchased was on sale.) At which time I decided to buy the Hitman Definitive Edition(not realizing that it was the same content as the download I had already purchased.) I then did some digging & discovered that Hitman dates back all the way to 2000.I Googled the classic Hitman but did not see it on disc,so I decided to splurge and go for the Enhanced Hitman download and I am glad I did so.
I was surprised at how good the graphics are(considering it was a PS2 game) and I love how easy this game is on my PS4’s CPU.Whereas Hitman 2 gave me some issues.The first run-through went smoothly…but the 2nd time around,the Mumbai mission had some erratic behavior(flickering screen & lighting shifting) and The Ark Society continually crashed on me after I would over write my saved my progress.
Hitman 2 & 3 really puts a strain on my PS4’s performance…to the point where I can no longer play it…whereas the classic Hitman is smooth as glass.
My hope is that when I eventually buy a PS5,I will no longer have issues with Hitman,Hitman 2 & Hitman 3. **


Hitman > HITMAN


they’re all good. series has gone from strength-to-(goddamnit-absolution-to-)strength.


Maybe try to lock the framerates to 30 fps. I play on ps4 too and doing so really helped with the noise level of the console.