Hitman WOA - Challenge Ideas

thats wat i mean but put it in a category so people knowit changes gameplay + the themed tab is cluttered anywat

I don’t think it’s necessary, but also I wouldn’t mind them placing it into a new category.

i would argue it is because i think IO’s philosophy has always been to segregate disguises from suits mechanics-wise so giving a way of compromising will convince them i think


Challenge pack idea: The Blood Money Tour

This pack will unlock each of the outfits in this here image

  • “Heaven Forbid”
  • Isle of Sgail/The Ark Society
  • Feat
  • After eliminating the Washington Twins, knock out the Constant and stuff him in a box or wardrobe
    • Unlocks the Heavenly Guest Suit

This was inspired by a recent thing on the “Things You Just Found Out” thread, where I was reminded ala the recent Ambrose challenge that there’s no challenge for completing the optional objective via KOing the Constant and concealing him even tho that explicitly ticks off the little icon, so i thought this’d be a fun incentive for players to go and do this thing they mightve not done before

  • “A Flock of Crows”
  • Mumbai/Chasing a Ghost
  • Assassination
  • Eliminate your targets and five members of the crows using only Blood Money weapons (Fibre Wire, Silverballer, Druhzina or Sieger)
    • Unlocks the Birdy Suit

You can lower the amount to 3 or even remove the target requirement but I just liked the idea of drawing the comparison between both Crow Gangs and including a Flock of Seagulls reference (as i think the trilogy tends to avoid using murder and kill in its descriptions for sake of classiness or avoiding controversy too). I also liked this idea of using only weapons that appeared in Blood Money, i probably missed a couple

  • “Oligarchical Mistake”
  • “Paris/Holiday Hoarders”
  • Assassination
  • Eliminate Victor Novikov and Dahlia Margolis in the Holiday Hoarders mission
    • Unlocks the Rocky Mountains Enforcer suit

This is a reference to the line “Gubernatorial mistake” from the YBWO mission, said by a waiter, where the play on it is that your committing a mistake by killing the “wrong” targets for this mission but that it’s an Oligarchical one because Vik is an oligarch and not a governor’s son (actually a senator’s son but the dialogue in that mission infamously was made with the assumption that it’d remain a tax day party and Chad Sr. would be a governor like it was in early development)

  • “Hell of a Party”
  • Berlin/Apex Predator
  • Assassination
  • Eliminate 1 agent with lethal poison, 1 with a fire accident and 1 with a thrown knife
    • Unlocks the Maynard John Suit

I intended this to be a reference to the targets in the DWTD mission, but as if you are Maynard, I dont think you can really poison anyone in that mission but I was thinking the equivelant would be to have you lethal poison an agent because Maynard is a bartender in that mission, let’s assume it’s Martinez because I felt Martinez’s other most popular kills are fibre wiring him in the toilet which cant be tracked i dont think or killing him in an elevator which is impossible, with the Vanya equivelant fire accident was obvious and the thrown knife is a reference to Eve’s stilletos she drops when she is killed


If this is added, will the pack be free?

yea theyre all on WoA locations

I like these. I do think an additional challenge on Sigail to get hell guest disguise would be a good addition as well.


I wouldn’t make a new challenge for this one, but make it a second reward alongside the recent challenge that gives you the golden shotgun in New York. I know some think it’s important that you only get 1 reward for a challenge because that’s how ioi did it so far, but honestly, unless the game will break, it doesn’t matter, just add it in regardless.

there could be a million challenges when it comes to ADwtD disguises. I think they should be spread out among the maps tho. I’d have Sgail and Haven represent Heaven, then Berlin and Dubai to represent Hell and have challenges there for it

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