Hitman woa master difficulty challenge!

Recently I have been wondering about the Master difficulty in WOA and I remembered that
back in HITMAN 2 challenges didn’t count in casual and only counts during professional and master difficulty…
I know it might be tedious to do all the challenges twice for both difficulties but at least we had the Master difficulty challenge section. and in my opinion it was the most fun experience I could get from the game and I used to save master difficulty challenge for last, once I complete all the map challenges in professional and memories the NPCs movement and learn all the ins and outs of the map its time time to play the mission in a totally different manner and with huge change of tactics and take different approach with the targets.
I know the master difficulty is there and i can play it anytime I want but it just not listed as a challenge…
maybe I’m being silly…
it gave me a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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IIRC getting some H2 challenges in Master like SASO or such awarded you with their Pro version too so you didn’t really have to do them twice if you went straight for Master? (Also I remember doing some of the most tedious challenges in Casual so it definitely worked when no difficulty was specified)

But yeah I was also kinda sad to see there were no Master specific challenges among the “classics” in H3 anymore. TBH Master levels feel like an afterthought in H3, there are barely any changes apart from a few more cameras and enforcers here and there :confused:


There were challenges for casual pro and master
and yeah if you did them on master you get them all

I would like them back too, they could add many new unlocks for the classics that way


yeah maybe I was wrong I just don’t remember much about casual difficulty from the previous games
I thought maybe I read something somewhere about the challenges in casual and how they do not count when you do them.
anyways I just created this topic to see if there are other HITMAN nerds who feels the same about master difficulty not being part of the classics :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that it is a better deal to propose unlocks tied to Professional and not Master challenge, as it is much harder and less enjoyable for mainstream players.

Master mode still remains an interesting challenge, and nothing stops you to trying to complete levels using that difficulty :+1:

At HITMAN 3’s launch, I guessed that they got rid of the ‘Classics’ challenges for all three difficulties settings because completing those challenges on Master Difficulty would complete all three versions of those challenges and made it too easy for players to rank up on location mastery. I remember doing this when Haven Island and New York released on HITMAN 2 and completing a Master SA/SO got me to mastery level 13 alone :stuck_out_tongue:

They might have gotten rid of it for another reason though, I could be wrong. It’d be nice to see them back though. There was no incentive other than leaderboard rankings and personal achievement satisfaction to complete any of HITMAN 3’s missions on Master Mode.

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