Hitman WOA: The Sarajevo Six Campaign Thread

Now that we’re past H2016, and no longer on PS4, I’d say it’s time for that exclusivity to end and a new deal to be made.


There’s a tremendous amount of hidden knowledge here (or more like, bullshitting).

For all the above to be true it would imply:

  • The exclusivity of Sarajevo 6 was contractually agreed for an unlimited period of time.

  • The exclusivity of Sarajevo 6 was contractually tied to the H1 title.

If anyone has a copy of the agreement to prove the above, please provide it, otherwise, without that info, the possibilities are:

  1. IOI have no contractual obligations but the employee resources are deemed “not worth it”

  2. IOI have contractual obligations but the counter-party demands are deemed too expensive.

  3. IOI have contractual obligations, are willing to negotiate a fee, but the counter-parties aren’t interested.

My money is on option 1 or 2.

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Microsoft Gamepass… they got a good payday for that since H3 essentially became free on Xbox. :joy:

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I would like to replay S6. It was a good campaign. I hope IOI could fix this problem. Today, I don’t see any reason to let that content under a six years ago exclusive. Nobody now would buy Hitman 2016

Yay for presenting some speculation as fact! We don’t know that the contract ties it to H1, we just know that it hasn’t moved beyond H1. Whether that is because they can’t or they just don’t want to - we don’t know.

Other than potentially a clause in the agreement that prevents them from doing so of course. :roll_eyes:

I agree with the likelihood that the Sarajevo Six could be ported to consoles and PC but that cost in time and / or money is the issue for IOI. IOI could have port all the existing escalations from HITMAN2016 and Hitman II, kept Ghost Mode, but they won’t likely for the same reason that they won’t port Sarajevo Six (I assume).

I assume that IOI might put the effort in creating new content for Hitman if it is to beta test a new mechanic that will be put in a future Project 007, such as a driving mechanic or skiing.

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I don’t know what is in the game’s files or how to crack into them so this is pure speculation on my part, but since there are mods that allow offline play of the Sean Bean and Gary Busy elusive targets and there is a mod for the Sarajevo 6 that allows it to be played on the PC, doesn’t that mean that content is all in the game files still to this day?

In other words, do the mods contain that content or do they just allow it to be accessed? If the latter, it feels like the actual effort to make that content officially workable is minimal since it’s all still there today. That, to me, supports the idea that IOI could enable that stuff if they were allowed rather than it being an issue of not being worth the effort.


AnthonyFuller’s TS6 mod adds in a lot of the data that was missing that was pulled from a PS4 build iirc.

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First time on a forum? :rofl:

They do have a contractual agreement, Travis said as much in IOI Insider from June 2021. They also have no plans to move it citing such agreement. I think both assumptions (exclusive to PS4 and H2016) are correct, but that is just my opinion. We will likely never know for certain.

What employee resources? They are in the files of Hitman 3 on PS4. It’s not very hard (for IOI) to change that and add them onto other platforms, they run intermediate formats that are converted to platform specific ones automatically when a resource is required to be packaged. It’s barely any work.

All escalations from Hitman 2 are included in Hitman 3, the ones from 2016 that weren’t ported are in the files but aren’t very good escalations. Only the good escalations remain from 2016, they really went overboard with them.

As thrison rightly said, they were in the files for the PS4 version of Hitman 3, they’re also in the PS4 version of Hitman 2. But it’s pretty trivial for IOI to move them onto other platforms.

All in all, the only work they’d have to do is add the contracts, campaign, and challenges to the servers, which also isn’t that hard. Hell, they’re doing that every update with ETAs. The missions themselves are pretty much just elusive targets though if we’re being honest.


Bullshit. That entire reasoning can be destroyed with two words: new contract.

However, as with the two lost ETs, they are likely not willing to pay the money needed to achieve that.

It is irrelevant that it’s “not very hard” - it generates a non-zero quantity of work and that non-zero quantity is man-hours the company is paying for that could be spent on other things like Project 007. It also becomes something that will generate some level of ongoing support tickets, because people are stupid and even if your implementation is flawless, someone will need something.

It will also need to be included in QA regression testing from that point and all future builds, which, depending on process could “just” cost you computer resources and time, or actual man hours.

The key difference being that all of this content has already been released for H3, has already been tested for every platform, has already been supported and most importantly, is part of the cyclical content release schedule that they planned for and committed to.

Hence why I said my money is on options 1 or 2 from my previous post.

I think that all arguments are possibly true.

There is a contractual agreement. IOI doesn’t have the time and/or money to release Sarajevo 6.

IOI are really focusing on release of Freelancer. Outside of Freelancer, it is unclear that IOI are investing any new resources to Hitman.

Actually, there isn’t, IOI just lied about it because they don’t want to work on it. The contract expired after a few years just like it did for the Epic exclusivity.

Obviously I have no evidence for that at all, but I’m guessing you don’t have a copy of the contract either.

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I trust that there is no contractual agreement then.

IOI made 42 million dollars profit > 1 yr ago from record Hitman III sales. They lose money now from investment on Hitman.

IOI do it to maintain support of the Hitman community, and hope that Freelancer will continue engagement in Hitman.

My guess is that if Freelancer is very popular, that IOI will invest in paid DLC for Freelancer, building a story narrative around Freelancer, making a new game out of it, like the Patient Zero campaign (although I would guess that they won’t introduce a pandemic narrative this time)


I assume you mean they now have full authority over S6 and can release it wherever and whenever they want, and just haven’t? Then we’re back to money being the issue, again.

They’ve been working on that one thing, in essence, for the their entire existence as a company, with some little unrelated crap here and there in between (K&L), and they’ll get their chance to do something different (if you can call another suited spy/assassin different) with their next special project. If they’re burned on this one, then they’re burned out on their entire workload. They either stop working, or they work on this one. We all get burned out on our projects that we earn money from.


Well, be that as it may, as long as they’re still officially working on Hitman anyway, they should put anything in it that they have available to put.

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I guess that the budgetary expenditure for IOI is currently devoted:

60% Project 007
25% Other new IP
15% Hitman

Now I assume that Project 007 and other new IP are years away from release.

It makes sense that IOI puts out a DLC for Hitman in the interim years before their new IP to generate some revenue before their new IP are ready for release.

It makes sense that new DLC for Hitman is associated with Freelancer.

Might be completely wrong, but is my best educated guess at this point.

But of course no one knows.

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I know they want to move away from just being known as the studio responsible for Hitman, but come on, Hitman made IOI like the distillation of alcohol made civilization. It should be 50% devoted to Hitman at all times.

Alas, as George Carlin said: “[W]e don’t have time for rational solutions.”