Hitman: World of Assassination - Hypothetical "100%+" Requirements (Thought Experiment)

This is something I was thinking on because I was reminded of this concept when playing the GTAs again: true 100% is when you play a game and go beyond the requirements to be considered 100% complete in order to reach a true exhaustion of everything the game has. I was thinking to myself what’d constitute a true 100% run. What I came to the conclusion of was this:

First, you need to get regular 100% by:

  • completing every challenge, aside from missed ETs
  • getting max mastery on every location, sniper map and Freelancer
  • completing every mission story

Others might disagree that this is all you need but I think just doing these constitutes a vanilla 100% save. But in this case then true 100% would entail:

  • Getting Silent Assassin, Suit Only on every map, on every difficulty: this would mean three separate runs in order to put yourself on every leaderboard in the game
  • Getting Silent Assassin on every featured contract
  • Getting 99 prestige and then filling up the weapon rack in Freelancer
  • Completing every ET from year one onwards, with Silent Assassin
  • Having the Black Winter suit, Aluminum briefcase, ET coin and every twitch drop
  • Signing up for an IOI account
  • Killing every NPC at least once
  • Getting Silent Assassin on every level of every escalation
  • Getting Silent Assassin on every level of every ET Arcade match
  • Getting Sniper Assassin, Suit Only on every map at least once
  • Beating a Showdown on every map at least once

Stuff that wouldnt count for true 100% because theyre impossible to do in WoA:

  • Finishing every 2016 escalation without mods
  • Completing cut challenges from H2 and H1 without mods
  • Beating the cut featured contracts without mods or beating a non-Featured version of it
  • Beating every contract ever made with Silent Assassin

Personal accomplishments to aim for that I dont count as true 100%:

  • Getting a contract featured
  • Finishing an ET SASO without restarts
  • Completing a chronological run through the trilogy

If anyone has any suggestions for what else should count as true 100 percent pls tell me. I think this would be a great checklist for anyone looking to squeeze more blood from the stone after getting 100 percent

So everyone starting the game now can’t achieve 100%? Or do re-runs of ET count to this?

I wouldn’t include this one.

What I’m trying to do as well: KO every NPC on every map Silent Assassin and Suit Only.

if the reruns allow you to complete the challenges then yea. it’s unfortunate but that’s what true 100% is. it’s all the stuff that’s incredibly difficult to do all of, like in GTA collecting every car and every mission fail for example

My logic is that you will end up almost killing every NPC anyway from doing contracts and Freelancer, so might as well do a kill all challenge on every map


So ghost NPCs don’t count i presume?

Also… Really? I’ve put hundreds of hours in both Freelancer and Contracts mode and (not including those KEC contracts) there is no way I’ve killed everyone, not even close. Unless you’re setting out to kill everyone then it would just be an annoying slog to complete imo.

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At least for Freelancer, not all NPCs are possible targets.
I believe each maps in Freelancer has a curated set list of possible targets. A large list, but certainly not of every NPCs.
It’s so that targets in Freelancer always have one or two clear cut opportunities/accident in their way. The large majority of static NPCs are never targets.

In general, I don’t approve of this metric for a 100 percent. It seems meaningless of a aim. It almost feels like pursuing it is a betrayal of the spirit of the game.

Obviously just my opinions, but…

This feels like just a personal goal rather than any real component of 100%. Why does it matter if you’re on a leaderboard?

No. I’ve played every featured contract and completed them all but there is zero chance i’m going to go back and bother to get Silent Assassin on them. I agree that playing and completing every featured contract could qualify but getting any specific rank doesn’t.

Why? Once you tick the challenge for doing Prestige 10 times, the rest is just repetition.

I agree with this solely because there are challenges involved.

So it’s impossible to get 100% unless you have been playing the game since 2016? This should be changed to "have all unlocks possible solely with the current iteration of the game. Having the Elusive Target coins, for example, would have been part of 100% Hitman (2016) but not World of Assassination.

I suppose since you have to do this, sure, but it has nothing to do with completing the actual game.

No. Seems odd to so emphasize silent assassin and suit only and then also demand everyone kill every non-player character too. Not part of 100%.

Why is the focus on Silent Assassin so prevalent? Yes, it’s the best rank, but you still completed the level with 4 stars, 3 stars, or even 0 stars. Rank is irrelevant.

Same comment as previous.

I have never understood the focus on suit only. You get more points for changing disguises but since there are challenges for doing a suit only attempt, sure.

Not sure why this should be a part of 100%.

If you’re going to require that the stuff that is no longer available in World of Assassination (Elusive Target coins, etc.) why omit these? If Elusive Target coins are good enough to quality for 100%, these four should be too. If these four don’t count, why do the elusive target coins and winter suit?

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Not possible AFAIK since there are 3 mutually exclusive ET coins.

Kill everyone contracts could work for that?

There’s nothing in the game to acknowledge that feat, same for SONKOs or no loadout runs, it’s possible to do them but they’re just personal challenges.

I’m pretty sure most of the people here have done that with the Serial Killer or any other super easy ET :x

Prestige ends at Level 100, not 99 btw.

To add on to this. There are alot of featured contracts that are broken and/or near on impossible Silent Assassin 5*. For example the Molotov fire kill one in Chongqing. You have to drag both bodies all the way down to the only fire kill location which is the data core because IOI removed the Molotov being an fire accident kill. Things like this would just leave a sour taste in my mouth.

but theyre all potential targets, and the idea of a true 100 percent is it’s doing everything the game could possibly keep track of. targets in contracts mode have names and can be checked off by killing them whereas ghost npcs dont have individual identities

i think because no one here is familar with true 100 percent i think im coming off a little weird. true 100 percent isnt me pushing something onto the community as “the real experience”, it’s a term i picked up from gta circles to just mean “doing every pointless task if youre THAT bored”. so i just wanted to wonder how much more of the game im yet to see

GTA V True 100% Completion List | Nonchalant Dominance here’s an example of it in the GTA circles for you to get what i mean

maybe if i called it “100%+” itd alievate the confusion

true 100 percent IS a personal goal, because you get no reward for it. its origins in GTA come from the fact that those games keep track of statistics that do not contribute to 100 percent. for example in san andreas there’s 70 unique stunt jumps. you dont need to do any to get 100 percent but someone who wants to get “100%+” does those and a bunch of other challenges because the game tracks them and they want to be super completionists

so getting SASO on every leaderboard is just because the game tracks it and since the game tracks it that means that someone who’s particularly curious and wants to “do everything” might want to do all that to get as much as possible out of the game

I… I dont think you understand the point of the thought experiment. the point isnt “what’s the most fun way of playing the game” the point is “what’s the most amount of things you could possibly do in the game that could constitute a form of trackable completion”

Again, I dont think you get what I mean. The point isnt that it’s “True 100%” in a gatekeeping way, it’s just a term I got from GTA people to mean “doing everything that could possibly be done in the game that’s trackable”

to quote bits of the GTA V true 100 percent requirements:

  • Purchase all weapons, weapon attachments and all weapon tints with all three characters: 3/3
  • Shooting Range, get gold on all challenges with all three characters: 3/3
  • Flight School, get gold on all challenges with all three characters: 3/3

Watch all three movies in the theater: 3/3

Perform Yoga at all available locations: 2/2

all this stuff IS tedious and IS pointless, but stuff like this is interesting to me because im curious about how much possible content is in the game and if i were to be really bored what activities could i do in the game in order to have said “i’ve done it all”

The game keeps track of your rank on every level of every mission, it also keeps track of NPCs in the form of giving them unique names and making them markable targets, that’s it. That’s the only reason I float it as part of this hypothetical “beyond 100 percent” category

Yea I was thinking I might downgrade that just to SA on each map in each category because there’s no acknowledgment of it on any stat page or really on anything. I was just thinking since there’s challenges for SASO and Sniper Assassin as well as three difficulties it might be an extra goal to go for on every map if you’re trying to come up with something new to do

yea like i said this is only for the kind of nutcases who want to do it all

yea i put that there because i know there’s a team no restarts community and i think a part of exploring everything could be to dip your toes into playstyles you wouldnt normally do

but i think i realized there’s stuff i missed that would be more appropiate for true 100 percent like making out the XP levels to the 7500 cap and getting all the playstyles in the game

AFAIK the only “broken” FCs are the one you mentioned and Media Blackout (which requires using a glitch to get a guard disguise), pretty much all the other ones can be legally SA’d (I know because I did it :x ). Although obviously some like Vatican Privilege can be super tedious if you want 5 stars.

Is there even a way to track that? Would be an interesting challenge, but not, if you have to count them yourself.

Hmm, Charlie, I was wondering who the ghost NPC was. Dare I suggest: Agent Price, a security guard in Chongqing who never shows up. The cook from Mendoza?
Are the following ghosts: Musicians from Mendoza, Kokoro, a golfer from Thailand, a guy who fell out of a train in Mumbai, and a dude who hides behind a texture in Berlin(under certain circumstances)?

A Ghost NPC is just a crowd NPC. Those ones who you can subdue or mark in contracts mode and are there to pad out the areas

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That is obviously true.