Hitmanforum blocked

Hitmanforum is blocked on my work computer since recently.
I can’t imagine some IT tech guy individually blocking this site based on my browser activity, so I was wondering if something changed on this website’s end that could explain this?


Most companies use external proxy solutions and they choose which type of websites are allowed or not. If your company doesn’t want you to access websites related to video games and if HMF was recently flagged in this category (bots do the work probably), access will be prohibited.

If it makes you feel better, both ioi.dk et hitmanforum.com are blocked for several years (2018 if I remember) where I work. Thank you Zscaler :sweat_smile:


Are you in the same network right now as your PC?

We need some more info. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, now place the Dongle and then destroy the Glass and cross the Skybrigde!


You can’t imagine, but they very well can do that.
No jokes

We have Zscaler at our office as well. But no sites blocked. In my job we have to have access to every site. I even once called IT because they blocked Pornhub. Told them that I have to do «research» there… a few minutes later it was un-blocked.

I used to intern at a company a few years back where they blocked every site with a certain amount of «flesh-coloured» pixels to prevent porn. Was really difficult to book my holidays from work as they advertised everything with beaches and half naked people there :joy:


Another reason to climb the corporate ladder. Where I worked there were two sets of rules on the proxy/firewall, one for the common people, the other for the “Gold users”…

Where I work it doesn’t work like that, almost everyone is subject to the same rules :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but since I work on the IT departement, we can put ourselves on an other group policy. I don’t do that because most IT websites that I use daily are available, I use my phone for hmf, and it prevents me from being too tempted lmao.

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Same here where i work
Ioi site and this forum are prohibited. Among many others.

That explains why its been blocked at my work for years too… well blocked if you use the work PC, the office wifi works just fine.

A lot of them also use weird bots that analyse all the sites visited and reference them against databases etc. Usually its entirely based on an algorithm looking for key words.

My personal web site that I use for my email, blog etc is banned because of “gambling” - I suspect 'cause I have a php file for generating large amounts of random die rolls (dnd thing) and the file name is “montecarlo”

When I was in university they had an awkward time when lecturers could not access papers to verify research by students, continue study on their areas of sociology, psychology, etc because someone had loaded a 3rd party list that looked for terms like “gay”, “lesbian”, “asian” etc and banned sites as explicit if it detected them in a url.

So you go to a scholarly resources site, and you search for “gay and lesbian activism in asian countries” and get your papers, then you go back the next day and it tells you that its blocked and if you try to access it again they’ll put you on a list of naughty people.


Also just banning the Word “Asian” is super weird :joy:



What could be wrong with us?

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Probably some non-Asian people think that it’s offensive to call someone from Asia as, you know, Asian. :crazy_face:
Don’t let that bother you, it’s not worth it :slight_smile:

Either that or it’s related to the porn category which would make sense since gay / lesbian are also blacklisted. No horny on the job!


And no Asians either, apparently :joy:


Yup, it was then and still is a fairly common “category” for porn, and somehow nobody thought that it could possibly have some other contexts.

It tells you a lot about the kind of people who put together these databases.