HITMAPS™ - In-Game Roulette

The HITMAPS™ In-Game Roulette is here! Embark on a journey throughout the entire World of Assassination, taking on strange contracts that require you to eliminate your targets with various kill methods and disguise restrictions. With 16 billion+ possible contracts, there’s an almost endless number of ways to take out your targets. Also, with the addition of contracts mode roulette in the future, there will be even more ways to enjoy roulette. Visit https://roulette.hitmaps.com for more information.

HITMAPS™ Roulette for HITMAN 3 is not an official game mode, and has not been endorsed or sponsored by IO Interactive. An Epic Games copy of HITMAN 3 is required.


And this is just the beginning about unofficial online in-game modes. Awesome work @MrMike

This community is on the cutting edge of Hitman technology :smile:


I like how this trailer mocks all of the “accolades” trailers by putting in a negative review.

“No point… seems more consmetic than anything”

- (some critic)


Did I get this right that you’ll start all your missions without unlocked items because of the different server?

The custom server grants you access to all unlockables and suits, since there are no actual “challenges” on the server.

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Amazing work Mr Mike! You and your fellow community members have done so much for Hitman players across the world, I can’t wait until I’m back on PC H3 next year to try this new in-game Roulette out!

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Jesus christ, didn’t think this was possible. I’m really hyped with this. Nice job guys!

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PC only?

" An Epic Games copy of HITMAN 3 is required."

Ugh, nevermind. :frowning_face:


How much coinage would IO have to pay to buy this and then what would it cost to implement on PS and Xbox? Let’s all be kind and assume they would offer to buy it instead of just creating their own variant.

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I would 100% buy it.


Buying it from the guy/gal who made it and just adding it to the game (no charge) would go a huge way in getting brownie points from the die hard fan base. I just can’t see it costing that much to do this either.


I owe @MrMike for creating HitMaps.


@MrMike i also think this is rad!!! This is only the second time I am genuinely disappointed to not be a PC player. The other was when I found out there is no way to unlock a free floating camera on console (another thing IO should give us).


One thing I want to bring up is that none of what I create is meant to ever turn a profit. If, by surprise, IO wanted to put something like this into the base game, I would be happy to collaborate without any sort of financial compensation. The more people that are able to enjoy roulette, the better :slight_smile: