HITMAPS™ (Interactive Maps for the Hitman Series)

Would be great if we could have all the maps for the Elusive Targets permanent in Hitmaps. With ET Arcade they are always present in the game and at least a few of them are different to the regular maps.


Are there plans to expand Hitmaps to Freelancer? There are quite a few changes in the maps… Or is this too random?


To be honest, I haven’t decided what I want to do just yet, but I’m leaning towards adding them. Perhaps I’ll leave it up to a poll:

Should Freelancer Missions/Maps be Added to HITMAPS?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care, just show results

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I know the safehouse doesn’t have map but if possible, please consider to insert it in Hitmaps. :pray:

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Jesus I must be the only person who voted NO haha.

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Why would you vote note, it’s a net positive for everyone lmao (then again, why is this poll even a thing, I don’t think anyone would be upset if it wasn’t made for freelancer, but I digress)?

I suppose the poll wasn’t titled the greatest, as it was meant to be more of a “do you think it’s worth the effort to build them” type of question


I would be happy if every 2-month patch, IOI completely changed the locations and rotations of items in Freelancer maps. Keeping things fresh like that is one possible approach to rogue-like randomization & luck. Other balancing issues like Merces or inventory item penalties could be re-worked to justify changing up in-map pickups.

I’d prefer there be no HITMAP possible because no Freelancer map will ever be the same for more than a few months at a time.


HITMAPS™ Media Library

While most of us know Hitmaps as the best resource to find information about specific items and their location throught the World of Assassination, I’ve seen very little talk about the Hitmaps Media Library here on the forum.

The Hitman WoA games store their assets in rpkg files. While there are tools available that allow unpacking these files and extracting specific media items, doing this on your own can be a bit tedious. An easier way is Hitmaps’ Media Library. It contains two sections for images and audio.


In the image library, you’ll find all kinds of images (duh), that are available in Hitman WoA data files.

The newly released audio library on the other hand contains audio clips of voice lines from the game. The audio files have been automatically transcribed and you are able to search via text.
Keep in mind that the automatic transcriptions might contain errors. Also, dialogue that happens during cutscenes doesn’t seem to be available.



It’s long overdue (I originally planned to release this back in 2019), but Hitman: Blood Money maps are now available on HITMAPS.com!

I wouldn’t have been able to complete this alone, so I wanted to thank those that helped out:

  • @TheContractor and @mow for creating website-friendly version of the map images (they’ve since left the HITMAN community since helping make them for me back in 2020)
  • @Notex for creating the mission tiles that appear on the mission select page and when the map is loading
  • @getro_gamer and ArstotzkaGreat (who doesn’t have an HMF account) for helping with the mapping of each and every item

Very impressive by the introduction of HBM on HITMAPS! Well done and congrats!

On a side note, on the mission “A New Life”:

  • it seems that the spare FBI suit by the sauna is missing.
  • a bootle of beer in the library room that can be poisoned is missing too (Vinnie’s wife is drinking this beer when 47 is dressed as a clown).