HM3 Launcher crahsing (before starting the game)

Hi there! I am having this issue since the first install of Hitman 3. It happens for a while and then dissapears and the game works absolutely fine again. Then after around 20 launches it happens again. My PC is perfectly capable of handling the game on max settings and I did finish the game incl Hitman 1+2 content. So its not a problem to run the game itself. Running on Win10 all updated and Geforce 2080 newest drivers.

My Issue:
I launch the game, via the sortcut or via EGS. The Launcher opens that allows me to choose between Play, Options and Quit. Then the Launcher closes again after a few seconds.
If I move my mouse into the launcher window before it closes, I do not see a cursor, I only see the windows loading icon. (Normally I shoudl see the cursor)
So I cannot eaven start the game, the launcher crashes itself. No error messages or anything.

I did confirm the files via EGS and tried updating drivers and rebooting several times.
After a while of trying or trying it the next day it might work again without any issues at all. I am having this issue since I got the game about 4 Weeks ago.

Is there a way to start the game without the launcher?

Did you try to update the BIOS?
Sometimes updating it (if update is available of course), especially after Windows updates, cures things like that.

As for errors and stuff, everything should be recorded into Windows Event Viewer.

To find info about HITMAN problems, open it (guide is in the link above), surf to Windows Logs → Application and search there for Error records. Roam through those and find hitman3.exe in the first line of error details starting with “Faulting Application Name”.
Looks like:
Faulting Application Name: hitman3.exe, version: x.xx.x.x, time stamp: 0x60338c8e

This error is what you need.
Copy all the text of an error and paste it here, it may help others to advise you something.

As far as I know, the game can’t be run without a launcher

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Infact I also tried an Bios update. I use a super commin B450F Strix Gaming II Board and did run release and experimental build BIOS.

I think I fixed the issue beacuse of your hint. I noticed that the Event Viewer did exactly the same as hitman. It launched and crashed after a few seconds. But it was running fine in safe mode. So I rebooted and closed all active applications like discord, update software, gpu tweak etc etc. And I was able to launch the Event Viewer.
I could not narrow it down to a specific program, I think the combination of some of those programs caused the issue. Still not sure what exactly, but I then used CCLeaner to disable everything in my autostart and decativated some sheduled tasks and now it seems to work. This is super strange, since all other games and programs run just fine.

If that so, sometimes Nvidia Container could cause those weirdnesses.
Might help if you uninstall GeForce Experience and a GPU driver, reboot PC and then install all that again.
But while installation you tick an option of Clean Install which is available on some stage of installation process.
After installation complete, reboot PC again and try to launch the game

Highly recommend cleaning all your drivers out while doing a reinstall.

Will do! Thank you all, I will report back, if the erros comes back. But for now, I will do the mentioned steps!