HMF playing instruments

You can play an instrument? Feel free to share a video!

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not a master of that instrument.
  • Feel free to ask for help with instruments.
  • Don’t kill some other guy if s/he had a part misplayed.
  • Have a brief introduction about the instrument/track you’re playing if it’s not famous enough to be familiar for everyone.

Let me start:
A while ago, as part of talking with @Screaming_Meat, I shared this; Hadn’t played for a year and shittly recorded a small part of a Persian song called “Agar Del Mibary Jana”. The instrument is called “Tombak”, a classic from Iran.


that is damn cool, chief :sunglasses:

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I’ve been playing Bass Guitar for about 20 years. I’ve played all sorts of music, from metal to hardcore to acoustic pop rock and bossa nova. These days I play in a heavy ass hardcore band and without much finesse. I should definitely be better at my instrument considering how long I have been playing but I’m half decent I guess.

Here’s a video of us playing. This is from last Summer.


I can play guitar and I made this abomination of a cover once of Dawood Rangan in the tune of 'Bad Guy’by Billie Eilish

Looking back it now, I honestly cringe so much lol and j can’t even bring myself to watch it


I had few weeks of Piano Classes and I forgot all about it. :upside_down_face:

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this was my first band about ten years ago (singing. well, singing at the end… which is the likeable bit):

this is my current band from about three years ago before the drummer left us just before covid hit (ropey singing):

got a new drummer and another guitarist since (both from the first video, funnily enough) but have only rehearsed once since lockdown, so it’s gonna take a while to get up to speed… very frustrating and i ain’t getting any younger.


oh, and here’s the band i was in between those two (volume warning):

and this is the awful, experimental, completely improvised, no tuning band i was in just before my current one (acquired taste):

notice a pattern? okay, i promise that’s it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Dead Kaczynski is an ace name for a band

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ha! thanks.

i like your avatar. :squid:

A man of culture I see :+1:

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This one’s fucking amazing


cheers, man!

it was fun. one gig we had these guys come up to us from another band. one said he liked it and asked his mate what he thought. the mate said “i prefer music” :joy:

Fuckin’ rubes

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I wasn’t going to share this here, since it’s not me playing but I did do the sound design so I might aswell. I really like synthesizers and stuff like that. I only use software synth at the moment but I might get a hardware one at some point.

Here’s some audio from a remix I’m working on:

Everything except the drum samples is made using a wavetable synth called Vital.


that’s cool! reminds me a little of streets of rage!

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