HMF's Beards and Whiskers

The place to share what you’re rocking in terms of hair.

I’ll start, although it will be a fairly unusual but fun one.

I used to rock a full on Harrier Du-Bois style sideburns and stache combo, although I recently shaved for a change. I think that I’ll grow it back and continue the style as I’ve simply gotten attached to it at this point, and miss it quite a bit. It did look fairly unusual with my dark blonde/very light brown hair though. I still loved it!

For those who don’t know who haven’t played Disco Elysium, or simply don’t have what I’m describing in mind, this is what I’m talking about.

What I'm talking about.

This definitely shows that I have been influenced enough by a game to buy a god awful (beautiful) necktie and grow the beard of a drunk.

Anyway, I am quite looking forward to seeing the styles of HMF!

(For those who can grow more than a tiny stubble anyway, although those still count!)


waiting for @Norseman to join the thread


So weird. Seriously. I had the thought of making a topic… well, about hair… Specifically long hair. But I also have some facial hair.

I liken my “style” to what you’d see with the character Baz for that show ‘The Blacklist’. But my hair is thinner above my forehead, and my hair isn’t quite that long in the back. I’ve only let it grow (i.e. didn’t get a hair cut when I was due for one) since around November… December of 2019. Right around when they started reporting the whole COVID-19 thing. Not that that has anything to do with my decision to grow my hair long - it’s just the major thing that was going on at the time. Edit: Well, maybe a tad, since the barber shop I usually go to would’ve been closed. :sweat_smile:

I did grow the facial hair around my mouth and chin a couple years before that.

When I go out, I always have it in a pony tail. I haven’t done the man-bun thing yet… My hair really isn’t trained to go that way, so it’d look weird if I tried it (and I have tried it before to see what it’d look like – that’s how I know).


A Beard thread you say?

At the moment I’m rocking medium long hair and a full beard. The beard is on the short side, just trimmed it today, it got a bit shorter then I planned. But not by much. I take great pride in my beard, my inspiration lies in my Scandinavian heritage.


“a man without a beard is no man at all,”

I guess I’m not a man then :joy:

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