HMF's Childhood cars

The place to post about your first car, if it’s still around or conversations about a car model that you always wanted.

I’ll start, isn’t technically my story but, nonetheless! My father’s first car was a 1980s(don’t have precise date atm) matte green fiat panda, which was also my great grandfather’s last. That is the great grandfather that I get my name from, I was told that he was incredibly similar person to me, in the way I act, think and talk.

I have never personally owned a car (as I live pretty close to where I work), although I want to check up on the current condition of that car, and see if I can fix it up. I don’t have any pictures right now although I will (hopefully) add them if I remember to take a couple pictures of said car.

Extra info about the (possible) restoration.

I’m gonna take a look at it next month and if it will cost below what I can buy the same car for currently, (dirt cheap, around 700 euro for one in pretty good conditions, many of them are still around nowadays) I will see if I can fix it either this summer (unlikely), this winter or next year.

Not too worried about rust but I’m gonna have to replace every single liquid inside of the car and replace the tires for sure. Biggest concern is having a rat jump onto me when I open the hood/bonnet

If I can get the car to run (and if there aren’t any rats :rat:) , I’d really love to add something that memoirs my great-grandfather.

Update: Saw the car, can’t see any rust, currently no traces of rats under the hood but it went from matte green to dark grey from the amount of dust on it :smiley:


I grew up with a Hyundai Pony which is why, to this day, the concept of having leg room in a backseat seems like a luxury :stuck_out_tongue:


Laughs in “My grandmother had a Fiat 127”

Sadly those beautiful backseats were sold when I was 7

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Relative to the scale of our countries’ respective streets though? It was tight lol

I drive a 2012 Subaru Impreza that’s about it for Childhood cars, I still got her for a few a while right now.

My first car… I think it was a 1982(?) Olds(mobile) Omega. A white, 4 door sedan. I was already out of high-school and hadn’t even obtained my driver’s license yet. Seems like I was 18 at the time. It cost me $250. Considering the condition it was in - that was almost a steal! I drove it for at least a couple years, until I totaled it when I was in some heavy traffic… Somebody several cars up ahead had turned or had to slam on their brakes… We were all moving at a steady pace. But I had to look over to my left at somebody passing by. By that time the vehicles in front of me started stopping. I kept on going. It was really that fast. I slammed on my brakes but I was already too close. I even tried to swerve to the right. It wasn’t enough. I hit the truck in front of me. Front drivers side smashed in. The truck I hit – only bent their back bumper down almost 90 degrees. Not fun sitting out in someone’s front yard with your car pulled over while you wait for a ride, EVERYBODY driving by and gawking at the site. :man_facepalming:

After that, I drove one of my father’s cars, until I could buy a new (to me) car. (Now I’m getting off on a tangent). It was a white Dodge Brougham (car). An 8-Cylinder battle-wagon with shot rear springs/suspension… It had the occasional problem of not turning over when trying to start it… There was even one time I came to a stop-sign, stopped (obviously) and the damn thing died on me, and I couldn’t even start the thing to get out of other people’s way. Thankfully it wasn’t at a major intersection, just a side street. Another driver helped me get it jumped. In hindsight it had to have been the alternator. I f*king hated that car.

After that, I then bought an 86 Cavalier… That was a pretty good car. Yeah… So…

Anyway. Childhood wise. Back in 8th grade, in study-hall, we could get magazines from the school library. It was probably in Popular Mechanics or something. There was an article about a Pontiac Stinger. So this would be my (sorta) dream car to have. Sadly, it was mainly a concept car that never went to full production.

This was the shortest video I could find on it.

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