Hokkaido in Master Ninja mode

Hallo everyone,

Inspired by a lot of you guys in this forum I managed to complete ‘Hokkaido - Situs Inversus’ on Master difficulty, SASO, No Loadout, No KO, No Distract late last night. Finally!

  • Yuki was killed with the Katana
  • Soders was killed by sabotaging KAI and making the robot stab him to death

I wanted to “kill” KAI in the process, so I had to get creative on how to get to it but got there in the end. I also wanted to exit the same way I got in via the Mountain path since I felt that would be how a true Ninja would do it.


Very impressive run!
But using the suitcase (and not returning it) makes your start screen invalid though.
Still, really enjoyed watching that. The kitchen passage was very tense :slight_smile:

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