Hokkaido Snow Festival (Permanent Event)

With the Hokkaido Snow Festival arriving/returning today, I decided to start a new thread with everything snowy and hokkaidoy (probably not a word…).

For those who didn’t do a carryover it’s the chance to get an Icepick and the Snow Festival Suit:

In this mission you have to kill Dmitri Fedorov, a patient at the GAMA facility.
Here’s the briefing:


I’ve missed this bastard from the H3 version. Glad to finally have him back… only to immediately kick him into the gutter. :smiling_imp:

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They didn’t re-mix the briefing audio. It’s still the fucked audio from that era in H2 where the briefings for ETs (and this) had the music track way too loud to the point where you almost can’t hear Diana in certain places and have to rely on the subtitles to figure out what she’s saying.


Never experienced such a thing.

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Uh, yeah you would have. Everyone has the same mission briefing video files in their game. The music volume is way to high in certain briefings from H2 (some ETs and HSF).

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Alright, let me try it this way: I have never once encountered an issue where I have been almost unable to hear what Diana was saying and had to rely on the subtitles, because the music soundtrack during the briefing for any ETs or this mission. Has never happened with me. No other way to say it plain; I haven’t had that.


This was from yesterday morning.

My initial run had a time of :47, a very good omen for the year. :wink: Drugs are bad and you should be carefully with what they are injecting you with at medical centres.

I realized I went through the wrong door heading to the exit, and decided to improve my time.

4 points from first, broke my heart.

I’m sure if I went on today, I’m probably not second on the global Xbox boards anymore.


had some issue with the target not going into the restroom which was fun

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I’m dissapointed you can’t save in this. I only played this once or twice in Hitman 2 for the challenges, so I forgot that was a thing in this mission…

Still, it’s pretty barebones for an Elusive a seasonal mission, even if the outdoors area is decorated. At least the unique snowball-making mechanic and full briefing are some good things about it.
Other than that… very basic (but long) route, no voice lines, and generic guard face. :man_shrugging:


Is this like the Elusive Targets, like when I fail it’s done? Or is it like Holiday Hoarders so I can try again if I loose? :see_no_evil:

It’s like Holiday Hoarders. Really, this plus HH are like a halfway point between Elusive Targets and Special Assignments: you can’t save, so you have to restart if you screw up, but you can play them to your heart’s content because they are permanent.

I hate the fact that you can’t save on them because you could save HH in the 2016 game and could save HSF when it first came out on H2, but ever since then, you can’t save them.

I think most of us are hoping that Elusive Target Arcade will essentially be like these missions: unsavable, but unlimited play.

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I’m really, really glad this is back permanently I like the subtle changes and with Hokkaido being one of my favourite locations it’s good to have another variant of the map alongside PZ.

Was never to sure about the snow festival suit and how well it suits Hokkaido though :sweat_smile: