Hokkaido Tech Man Glitch

When I distract the 2 NPCs and tamper with the game. He just goes and sits down and won’t play anymore. Cant complete the challenge.

The guy you need to kill is the one with the hat.
Do you mean he just goes and sits?

He isn’t wearing a hat but He is one the handy man guys. After I distract the other guy sitting there and dispose of him. I distract the target and tamper with the game. When He comes back He either just stands there or sits down.

Maybe you don’t need to get rid of resort staff guy.
Did you try to left him alone? I mean not to hurt him?

Also, if I remember correctly, you must be in ninja outfit for this challenge to work

I cant tamper with the game with him there. He sees Me and gets suspicious. And yea you dont need the ninja suit. Its just an Easter egg. Ive seen videos of guys do it in other disguises.

No, I mean you make him go so he doesn’t see you, but you don’t put him to sleep or kill him.
You can use emetic gun on him so he goes for a puke. While he’s gone, you distract the handyman and do the stuff. I’m going to check this challenge myself now and will get back to you

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@Agent_87 I just tried with the emetic gun and it worked.
Handyman just sat for a while even when his buddy came back, but eventually he went playing and got electrocuted. Then you repair the mat and play yourself.
I have to mention, that you need to activate a pro mode on that thing after you tamper with the mat

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@Count.Rushmore Nevermind. I got it. It must have just been acting up yesterday. I created a contract and it worked just fine. Also. I had to do it as the resort staff guy for it work. Wierd