How about a backpack

My wife (who doesn’t play hitman) suggested a backpack. unlike a briefcase, it is wearable so you can climb ladders or ledges with it. however, what goes inside it would be slightly limited (no rifles, shotguns, masamune, etc.). also, you can’t shoulder anything while wearing it.


That is a good idea. I wish the briefcase was more limited with what it can carry as well. The broadsword shouldn’t fit in there if most axes won’t. A backpack wouldn’t be out of place when wearing the smart casual suit or the raver suit either.

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Meh. You can usually just throw the briefcase up there anyway (aside from a few longer ladders across the trilogy), so it wouldn’t really allow for anything new that can’t already happen in the game.

What would the point of having it, though? Inventory space is unlimited as it is

OP wants it not because of inventory space but because you can climb pipes, ladders, shimmy ledges with it and everything in it equipped on the back, something you can’t do with a briefcase since 47 auto drops it.


Ah, my mistake


Thought of this myself a few times.


throwing a brief case from the ground to the penthouse in Sgàil would be extremely difficult … plus, you could still carry a briefcase while wearing the backpack which would make it possible to conceal a sniper rifle in the briefcase and a propane tank in the backpack … while carrying another propane tank in your right hand … of course, like any optional item you have, you don’t have to use it

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