How can I change IOI account

I logged in H3 with the wrong IOI account (long story).
How do I remove it and bind another IOI account?
Will deinstalling/installing game help? ( I don’t want to try it if it will not help because downloading took me several hours)

I believe reset game settings to default will solve the problem.
Do you have access to the wrong IOI Account? Log into it with your browser and delink the game from it.
You’ll see a small cross near the linked game. That’s where you need to click

Thanks, but it didn’t help.
I have IOI account call it “A” linked with Hitman and Hitman2 on Steam.
On IOI account called “B” (that’s the wrong one, by mistake) I just de-linked “Epic games”. (There was no game to de-link, just my Epic Games Account to delink.)
I start H3 and it’s still linked to account “B”.

All I want to do is get access to H1 and H2 missions in my H3.

You don’t need IOI Account for that.
IOI Account is now used for progress transfer (one-time thing), newsletter subscription and a few of free goodies to access.
What platform are you on? PC? Do you own HITMAN 2016 and/or HITMAN 2 on Steam?
Do you have HITMAN 2016 on Epic?

@Imbro_Dirka you also said that there is no game shown linked in your wrong account.
Did you try to click Refresh in the game in IOI Account menu?

I have PC.
I have H2016 & H2 on Steam.
I have H3 on Epic Games.
(BTW I would like to transfer the progress, I have some 700+ reputation back there on H2 - but it’s an option. Main thing is I want to try playing H1 and H2 missions in H3 GUI)

If you plan to get HITMAN 3 on Steam once it becomes available there, I wouldn’t recommend to make the transfer. Because it’s a one-time thing and once you’ve tranferred your progress to Epic you’ll stuck with Epic forever. You couldn’t make a reverse progress transfer to Steam. At least it stands to this very second.

If you have HITMAN 2016 on Epic, first go to your library, search for HITMAN 3 there, click on three dots near it and select Manage Add-ons. There you may find something about HITMAN 1. If it toggled grey, toggle it blue and you should be good. If you have nothing mentioning HITMAN 1 there, follow this link and add this pack to your cart and see if checkout will give you a price of 0. If it will, make a purchase and you’ll have all HITMAN 2016 locations in HITMAN 3.
As for the owners of HITMAN 2 on Steam the developers promised to give H2 locations within HITMAN 3 on Epic for free eventually, but at this moment you only have to buy H2 Access Pass if you don’t want to wait till they sort things out. Within first 14 days after HITMAN 3 release this pack goes with 80% off.
If you don’t want to wait, go buy it now as time is running out.
But if you’re okay with waiting, you do nothing but follow the news from the developers.
This process will take currently unknown amount of time, so be aware

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Why would I wanna do that? You mean, they will give it for free to the people who bought it in Epic? I sincerely doubt that would happen, so why would I wanna spend so much money on a same game.

So as I’m not planning to buy it on Steam, can you help me out how to transfer H1 and H2 achievements from Steam to Epic? Thank you

There are people, including me, who are planning to get HITMAN 3 on Steam when it will be available there.
Who knows, maybe you are the part of the army

Make sure you use the correct account this time and just go to and follow the steps.
Note that the process might take time, your progress won’t be carried over immediately.
All things you need to know are there and here