How can I complete "IAGO at Work"?

I started the game, and got the IAGO Invitation from the bathroom and then rushed to the guard checking entrance. Then I successfully entered the auction room.

When I arrived, only 3 chairs are empty. One of it is not interact-able, the second one is for the Sheikh, and the third one is for me. I took my chair and sit down.

When Dalia arrived, she came to my chair and talked to me as I’m Mr. Rieper. The she left. I’ve been waiting for a couple of cycles of her route (even after the Sheikh arrived) and she never made any speech.

Do I need to participate with certain disguise, or I arrived late?

The best way to achieve this challenge is to choose the IAGO starting location in the set up menu. Launch it and you unlock it.

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I see. Thanks, bro!
This makes sense. It requires you to achieve certain challenges to get the chance.

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I believe this is the only way to complete it