How can I fix light in game

I am using a laptop with gtx 1050, I played Hitman 2 with all settings low, but when playing Hitman 3, the light shined on the screen (in the picture). How should I do? In hitman 2, this problem is not happening
I just downloaded 3 on steam, will I unlock all the exclusive target rewards in the future? (all suit and some item) I just completed breakheart #2

As far as you complete the Elusive Target (preferably with Silent Assassin rating), you’ll be one step closer to the unlock.
There are two tracks - any rating completion and SA rating completion.
If you fail Elusive Target you won’t be able to replay it or be eligible to do a step to an unlock.
If you miss Elusive Target you’ll be able to play it at a later time when (possible) round of reactivations will start.

As for those terrible splashes… You can use Lighting Mod to try to avoid these awful things

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