How can I get access to HITMAN 2 levels on epic games

I have done the carry-over from steam to epic games, and all my progress transferred correctly, but I can’t play any maps from HITMAN 2. It is weird because HITMAN 2016’s maps work just fine, but for HITMAN 2 I need to buy the access pass. I’ve searched for a bit, but couldn’t find anywhere how to get a code or something for epic games. Can anyone help me?

IOI are working on redoing the transfer for the locations because of the backlash that it caused. Sit tight for a few weeks.

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SAME, cool to know im not the only one and they are indeed looking on a fix

Hi, is there any update to this? I don’t want to wait a few weeks until the 80% access pass discount ends and then find out it’s not going to happen. I live for Hawke’s Bay. I’d rather just buy it again when it’s still 80% off if there’s any doubt.

Frankly, I don’t see why they’re struggling with this. Through my IOI account they should know I have Hitman 2 from steam.

They know if you have it, the problem occuring right now is most likely due to publisher issues. Warner Bros published H2, and HB has a tendency to not want its games on Epic, so its most likely the reason why there’s a holdup.

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While Hitman 2 isn’t directly available via the epic store, you can buy the access pass for Hitman 2, all individual versions of it for Hitman 3.
It would be disingenuous if after the 2 week sale, they come up with a solution to receive the access pass.

I’m not really sure what’s taking them so long, either. Perhaps they can’t gift players the access pass through the epic store, because there’s no option to link. They could sent out a $ 20 Voucher or specific hitman 2 voucher for your version to everyone who has Hitman 2 registered on their IO account.

Either way, it was foolish to publish the problem 5 days prior to launch. Imagine if there wouldn’t have been a backlash, they wouldn’t have been inclined to tackle the issue at all.

Let’s hope there will be a satisfying solution soon.


Agreed. Why this problem arose and whose fault it is we will never know, but IOI should’ve communicated this earlier.

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I just bought it again on epic even though I had it on steam, I know it doesn’t address the point and it’s a choice thing but I thought everything for 15 quid wasn’t too bad it’s not like i can go to the pub at the moment and buy a round with it !!!

This issue is a shame, and both IOI and EPIC should be blamed for that.
I asked EPIC support, and they only replied something like “yep, sure, go ask for it on”.
Years of developpement, years of negociations (with the result of Steam exclusion for one year), and day one, “oh, shit, we’ve done nothing to carryover Hitman 2” ??

IOI, I love your games, but your maketing strategy is shit.

And sorry for the bad words.


I have a horrible feeling we are gonna get screwed and find out we either need to wait a very long time to get the Access Pass or it won’t happen at all. If I don’t hear anything by Feb. 3rd when the sale is supposed to end I’m just gonna bite the bullet and spend the $20. I don’t understand how they could be so incompetent and screw this up.


The entire Batman Arkham trilogy is on Epic. Hell, they’re DRM Free. While I agree it’s very likely a warner bros. issue, i’d take a guess it’s WB taking so long to decide the terms of the Access Pass for H2 that IOI were forced to find a quick solution.

Epic screwing over devs (especially ones they signs deals with) is not their M.O. Warner Bros, on the other hand, are not unknown for being a crappy publisher and being hard to work with. Hell Arkham Knight came out in such a sorry state that they had to backpedal to appease everyone involved.

Decided to spend the $11.19 (how are some saying $20?) and get the H2 gold access pass. Not waiting around to find out if they can get it sorted. Maybe I can get a free skin or something when they figure it out.

They will get it sorted. It’d turn into a PR nightmare if they didn’t.


It already should be. What is taking so long and why can they sell it but not gift it to us or somethign?

Systems like this take time to make. Or do we all need a reminder as to how badly progression transfers turned out? Give them time to code, test, and idiot-proof the systems.

There’s a good chance the system is already in place, and it’s a political issue with Warner Bros. that they need to sort out. But i’m speculating.

they still should have figured that out months ago lol

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We don’t know the circumstances behind any of this. The “Forces beyond our control” spiel kinda points to someone higher up that they don’t want to name lest they piss them off, and i’m betting on Warner Bros. They’re notoriously hard to work with from what i’ve seen.

Simple fact of the matter is we don’t know what the months beforehand here like, and saying “they still should have figured that out months ago lol” is ignoring any reason to pass blame to those that deserve it, be it IOI, Epic or WB. The truth with eventually come out, but like with location progression, we just need to wait.



Different currencies. It was around $28 NZD.

Oh, I see. Thanks. Wasn’t aware they had regional currencies rolled out yet.

Can someone tell me the difference between the “Hitman 2 Gold” Access Pass and standard Access pass? They seem to be the same thing in the description on Epic Games Store. I already have Hitman 2 Gold on Steam but want all three games in one package. Honestly I can’t believe how slow IOI are to give previous owners the games they already own.