How can I give Francesca the DNA disguised as a Bodyguard?

It’s a Feat from Sapienza: World of Tomorrow, and it’s called “Mission Story - Memento”. It asked me:

  1. Disguise your self as a Bodyguard
  2. Give Francesca De Santis the DNA sample

I managed to sneak to the top of the roof with a bodyguard disguise and go the DNA sample, but then I met a dead end: if I follow the mission story guidance, I’m supposed to change a mansion security disguise to handle the sample, which couldn’t accomplish the feat. If I keep my bodyguard disguise then I couldn’t safely handle the sample to Francesca - I’ll be considered to be trespassing in the mansion, so there will be no interaction option to give DNA.

I also tried to wake up the sleeping detective in the town, to make a meeting that got her out to the beach. But still, there’s no interaction option on her.

Is this a bug or there’s another way to do it?

Bodyguard = Mansion Security for this challenge


Then that’ll be weird, because that’s exactly what I dressed for the first try, but still, the challenge wasn’t accomplished.

Try again, mansion security the whole time

Now I see why it wasn’t accomplished last time. I rushed into a room where I’ll be trespassing, and after I gave the DNA sample, her guards nearby turned suspicious. It might has something to do with the failure.