How did Diana know the identity of the Constant?

At the beginning of “The Ark Society” it seems that Diana already know how the Constant looks like. Diana and Arthur once met on the train but Diana didn’t who he was back there. So how did she know the the Constant is her client, the blue-suited half-bald middle-aged man?

Most likely a combination of factors. She knew he was a member of Providence, odds are that he was her contact when the ICA agreed to work with Providence to eliminate Grey, and Grey’s own intelligence combined with her knowledge when her and 47 switched allegiances.

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Some of the clues in Whittleton Creek have voice recordings of The Constant, which Diana would have recognised perhaps?

In the “Precautions” cinematic, Grey tells Diana “my man on the island confirmed the Constant has arrived,” which to me means that there’s enough people at the gathering, with Grey’s man monitoring, to see/overhear the Constant or people talking about the Constant, in near proximity, etc. In other words, he’s been identified for them, ahead of their arrival. Hence why we get there and he’s already labeled VIP-blue (as opposed to not having a color at all).

Incidentally, Grey’s inside man is one of the two Raiders in the Hyperborea showroom’s security office.

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The first few missions of H2 indicate that Diana had been in direct contact with Edwards several times off-screen, informing him of 47’s progress against the Shadow Client, as well as receiving info from him on his search for the SC’s identity. My guess is, Diana figured out that he was the main administrator of Providence based on his behavior, without knowing his title was The Constant until Grey mentioned it, and knew who he was referring to. Or, Edwards may have told her what his role in Providence was after ICA agreed to work with them, and so when Grey mentioned him she knew what he looked and sounded like, but had been unable to find anything else about him to share. Olivia clarifies in H3 why even Diana and other ICA analysts couldn’t track down his identity, so Diana knowing his title wouldn’t have put him at risk of discovery.

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She learns it when they meet on the train at the end of Hitman 2016.


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I always thought it was because you can find out his real name in The Ark Society by using the laptop in his office.

OP means before that. When Diana and Grey are talking to each other in the cutscene after he and 47 meet in Romania, when Grey talks about a man called The Constant being the top controller of Providence who is the only person who knows the identities of the real leaders, how did Diana know that the guy she had been talking to from Providence that she had first met on the train was the same guy Grey was talking about? That’s the question, and I think we’ve provided some plausible answers.

He’s not saying that it’s “a man”, he says it’s their client, so he knows very well that the man who hired Diana and 47 is The Constant.