How do I access my cloud saves so I can delete the most recent ones?

Hi. I would like to delete my most recent Hitman 3 Freelancer saves in the cloud. I’m on PC if that makes a difference. Thanks.

You have only one progress that is what you play with ingame. Freelancer does not work like main missions where you can save and load.

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I know that. I am trying to access my cloud saves that save in the background.

What cloud saves? Do you mean what Steam does? When you see something is syncing when closing the game?

Honestly I have no idea what these are about but it seems they have zero effect on your game or progress as far I can tell. I had it turned off to not have Steam make me wait until I can restart the game and noticed nothing bad about it. Maybe they just contain copies of your settings.

No I play through Epic, but I imagine it would be similar on steam. The game saves to the cloud whenever you go back to your Safehouse or if you exit to menu. I accidentally exited to menu during one of the last contracts, which means I failed the whole thing and lost all my stuff. I’m trying to delete that save. I have contacted Epic but they sent me here saying I would need to solve it on this forum. There must be a way I can just access my list of saves on the cloud.

There is no list of saves you can access. The whole progress is saved on IO Interactive’s servers. And the only way to access the stuff there is with what the game offers you.

I am quite certain there is no state of your progress before the failure that could be reverted to.

By the way it is both funny and sad you are pointed to a fan-run forum to help you at your issues. I think more official troubleshooting is possible at the Zendesk site but really there is likely no way to revert your game.


Wild if true :laughing:

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I don’t think you can delete any Freelancer progress

Use this guide to delete your regular save files: