How do i get the cool fibre wire animation?

I have been having trouble trying to do the cool fibre wire animation where 47 kicks the target and wraps the wire around the target’s neck to kill them but i am having a hard time figuring it out. I have managed to do it once in dartmoor but havent been able to recreate it since. So i hope some of you kind people can help me out.

just press the prompt as far away from the NPC as you can


i have tried that but still no luck, maybe i am doing it wrong. Could you maybe elaborate on how i should do it for example running or walking, standing or crouching. Does the target need to be in motion or stationary?

Your best chance is with a moving Target. I don’t think it works with stationary NPCs.

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Try strangling the target as far away from them as you can, the prompt shouldn’t be visible for you to do the animation.

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This, the prompt must not be displayed for it to have a chance of working. It’s actually much easier than a lot of people think.

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come back for me golden 2000s -in old Hitman`s you can garrote NPC any time and any corner! without damned “press X to kill” for zoomers

This thing works with all NPCs, except those who are crowd-non NPCs.
You just need to keep distance to your victim. Stand far, and reach close step by step while spamming garrote button.
Small clip how it’s done