How do you 100 percent a map (Berlin)

I have completed every challenge on berlin. except the classics that shows 9/14 it doesn’t seem those are related to the map at all. Sniper Assassin x5 is one of them and it reads 3/5 . Silent Assassin suit only and it reads 12/17. What do i need to do to complete these and if it has to be done in other maps why cant it give me 100 percent for berlin

Those challenges are global challenges that are unlocked over multiple maps.

Unfortunately, that means in order to 100% Berlin, you’ll need to do Sniper Assassin and SASO on 17 different maps.


I found this change very weird but I guess it makes sense.

Thank you for that reply it has been killing me to know lol , has to be the dumbest thing I have heard of . Hi son you didn’t complete your dishes . Well mom I did all the dishes. But did you vacuum 17 other houses ? well then you didn’t do the dishes