How many People Has 47 Canonically Killed?

Early within Hitman 3’s release during the month of sloth when we had the release of “the liability” elusive target where there was a line that sent me down this question. When playing the elusive target and running into him for the first time Diana states, “how does it feel to meet someone with a higher body count than your own?”. This line bothered me, as I felt that there was NO WAY a lazy building inspector had been responsible for more deaths than agent 47’s decades long bloody career.

Then I thought, just HOW MANY people has 47 killed? A quick google search revealed that nobody had ever done a more comprehensive check on 47’s body count. The Hitman wiki did have a “list of targets” (which was very helpful) but it didn’t include nontargets that had been killed during many of these missions. So I set upon satisfying my own curiosity of just how many people 47 has killed; after looking closely at all the missions (and even firing up some of the old games myself to test out some of these and more accurately count these scenarios) I believe I have here currently the most accurate count of 47’s kills.

Some things of note before the count:

This list compiles all of 47’s kills over the course of the games (including the sniper games like Hitman: sniper challenge and the mobile Hitman: sniper game). The only kills here that I’ve not compiled are those of the Hitman literature that I have not ever personally read (those being Hitman: The Enemy Within, Hitman: Damnation, and the Birth of a Hitman comic). If anybody would even want to include the numbers for these entries, I’d be more than willing to add them if someone else provided them, but for now I just ignored them from the total for the sake of time and interest.

Some of these kills are more debatable than other due to lack of clarity on what really went down on certain missions (especially in the world of Assassination trilogy and the contracts reimagining of certain levels). I’ve done my best to elaborate on why I think certain events happened over others when certain kills are debated with evidence presented solely within the games themselves (sometimes across entries).

when it comes to the contracts vs. Codename 47 version of events debate as to whether certain kills happened I simply instead avoided the debate altogether and put the two versions as separate counts, with both total counts including the kills provided within the completely unique missions of contracts (Bjarkov bomb, beldingford manor, meat kings last party, and Hunter hunted).

If anybody could show information or kills that I’ve missed with this count, feel free to let me know within the comments! I’d be more than willing to edit what I have here!

Agent 47’s list of confirmed kills

Codename 47: 77 People + 5 Dogs + 1 Boar

Training: 1 kill

  • Asylum staff member - most likely by a firearm

Kowloon triads in gang war: 1 kill

  • Red dragon emissary: killed with sniper rifle

Ambush at the Wang-Fou restaurant: 8 kills

  • Limousine Driver: killed with melee weapon (likely fiber wire)
  • Blue Lotus Emissary: killed with car bomb
  • 6 blue lotus members: killed with car bomb

The massacre at the Cheung Chao fish restaurant: 3 kills

The chief of police and blue lotus negotiator are assumed to be killed with a pistol as the level is mainly seen as a reference to a somewhat similar double assassination in the movie The Godfather

  • Red dragon negotiator: either firearm or melee weapon
  • Chief of police: killed with firearm (more specifically a pistol)
  • Blue lotus negotiator*: killed with firearm (more specifically a pistol)
    • *Although not technically required his death being required in the contracts version makes it seem effectively certain that his death in this mission is canon

The Lee Hong Assassination: 5 Kills

This mission completion has been counted as though 47 got the location for the statue that required the least amount of casualties

  • Waiter (either green or yellow): unknown kill method
  • Red Dragon guarding agent smith: unknown kill method
  • Red dragon guarding the safe: unknown kill method
  • Tzun: killed with firearm (but was also lethally poisoned)
  • Lee Hong: unknown kill method

Find the U’Wa tribe: 8 Kills

  • 8 soldiers guarding Tribe member: most if not all were likely killed with firearm

The Jungle God: 1 Boar Killed

  • 1 Boar*
    • *although it is technically possible to complete the mission without killing the boar, it’s clearly not intentional game design to be able to actually get past the panther without a sacrifice (or killing the panther, for the sake of simplicity it will be said the sacrifice method was chosen)

Say Hello to my Little Friend: 14 Kills

This mission was a mess to count, this mission was counted using bare minimum casualties to stealthily eliminate Ochoa, plus the individuals killed by the detonation of the drug lab

  • Pablo Ochoa: most likely killed with ballistic weapon (either pistol or sniper rifle)
  • 2 mansion soldiers: unknown kill method
  • 1 mansion officer (disguise needed to access lab)
  • 10 soldiers: killed with lab explosion

Traditions of the trade: 2 Kills

  • Frantz Fuchs: unknown kill method (likely silenced pistol)
  • Fritz Fuchs: killed with steam (in the codename 47 version of events)

Gunrunners paradise: 6 People + 5 Dogs

  • 6 Flaming windmill members: likely all killed with firearm
  • 5 guard dogs*
    • *im not actually sure if these are REQUIRED to complete the mission

Plutonium Runs Loose: 12 kills

For plutonium runs loose, I will say that the car Bomb Assassination is the canon way of killing Boris in the Codename 47 version of events. This causes the mercenary guarding the limo to be killed, as well as two other sailors it seems?

  • Arkadij “Boris” Jegorov
  • 1 Mercenary (disguise needed to traverse level): unknown kill method
  • 1 mercenary guarding limo
  • 2 sailors who escort Boris to limo: killed by limo explosion
  • 1 sailor (disguise needed to get onto ship)
  • 4 engineers
  • Ivan Zilvanovich
  • Boat captain

The Setup: 1 kill

  • Dr. Odon Kovaks (killed with syringe)

Meet Your Brother: 16 kills

  • 2 Orderlies: shot
  • 13 Number 48 clones: Shot (canon implies with minigun)
  • Dr. Ort-Meyer: Shot (later canon puts forth idea he was shot and then had his neck snapped. In Codename 47 he simply bleeds out after being shot)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: 52 People Killed

Intro Cutscene: 3 Kills

  • 1 Swat Member: fiber wired
  • 1 swat member: shot with SP12 shotgun
  • 1 orderly: shot with SP12 shotgun

2 other dead orderlies and an additional blood stain with bulletholes is shown (implying another casualty). However, it is unknown whether these individuals were killed by 47, or by the SWAT team (as the swat team guns down orderlies, at least in the contracts version).

Anathema: 1 kill

  • Guissepe Guliani

St. Petersburg Stakeout: 1 Kill

  • Rinat S. Rumyantsev: sniped with dragunov

Kirov Park Meeting: 6 Kills

The car bomb eliminations for these two targets will be seen as the canon elimination method. Although it is possible to complete the mission by killing only the two targets, the car bombs are the main and “unique” method in the level.

  • Makarov: killed with car bomb
  • Makarov’s limo driver: killed with car bomb
  • 2 soldiers: killed by the car bomb / explosion of makarovs limousine
  • Igor Kubatsko
  • 1 Bodyguard: killed by the car bomb / explosion of Kubatsko’s limousine

Tubeway Torpedo: 1 Kill

  • Mikhail Bardachenko

Invitation to a party: 2 Kills

  • Vladimir Zhupikov: likely poisoned
  • Spetsnaz Agent

Tracking Hayamoto: 1 Kill

  • Masahiro Hayamoto Jr.: poisoned

Shogun Showdown: 1 Kill

  • Masahiro Hayamoto

Basement Killing: 1 Kill

  • Brat Charliego Sidjan: fire axe

The Jacuzzi Job: 1 Kill

  • Charlie Sidjan

Murder at the Bazaar: 2 Kills

  • Mohammad Amin
  • Ahmed Zahar

The Motorcade Interception: 1 Kill

  • Abdul Bismillah Malik: Sniped

Tunnel Rat: 1 Kill

  • Yussef Hussein

Temple City Ambush: 5 Kills

  • 2 Unnamed hat wearing Assassins
  • 3 more unnamed assassins

The Death of Hannelore: 1 Kill

  • Hannelore Von Kamprad

Terminal Hospitality: 1 Kill

  • Deewana Ji: killed with scalpel (framed as surgical mishap)

St. Petersburg Revisited: 1 Kill

  • Agent 17

Redemption at Gontranno: 22 Kills

  • 21 bodyguards
  • Zavoratko
Hitman Contracts 50 People +1 Imaginary Person (14 of the kills apply to contracts exclusive missions)

Asylum Aftermath: 18 + 1 imaginary kill

  • Mr. 48 clone (imaginary?): shot by 47 during opening cutscene. This kill is done as a contextual transition from being 47 to one of the 48 clones. This clones body cannot be seen in the actual mission. As such it’s being counted as an imaginary kill
  • Dr. Ort-Meyer: shot and then neck snapped
  • 3 mr 48s in first room
  • 6 mr 48s in first hallway
  • 1 mr 48 in scanner room
  • 1 mr 48 in room adjacent to scanner room
  • 2 mr 48s in clone pod chamber room
  • 1 mr 48 whose body is being chopped up by asylum patient
  • 1 mr 48 dead in hallway
  • 2 mr 48s in room before elevator

The Meat Kings Last Party: 3 kills

  • Campbell “meat king” sturrock
  • Andrei Puscus
  • Malcolm Sturrock

The Bjarkov Bomb: 8 kills

  • Fabian Fuchs
  • Sergei Bjarkov
  • 3 soldiers: killed by detonation of nuclear submarine
    • It is possible to avoid the killing of a 4th soldier by detonating the submarine during a certain point in his routine
  • 3 Radiation Unit Members: killed by detonation of nuclear submarine

Beldingford Manor: 2 kills

  • Winston Beldingford
  • Alistair Beldingford
    • There’s no indication that the fireplace kill was canon in comparison to the poison kill (or any other kill for that matter). As such, only Alistair will be counted

Rendevous at Rotterdam: 2 Kills

  • Rutgert Van Leunvan
  • Klauss Teller

Deadly Cargo: 1 Kill

  • Arkadij “Boris” Jegorov

Traditions of the trade: 2 Kills

  • Frantz Fuchs: unknown kill method (likely silenced pistol)
  • Fritz Fuchs: Drowned

Slaying a Dragon: 1 Kill

  • Red Dragon Negotiator: Sniped

The Wang-Fou Incident: 7 Kills

  • Blue Lotus Emissary
  • 6 blue lotus triad members

The Seafood Massacre: 3 Kills

  • Red Dragon Negotiator
  • Blue Lotus Negotiator
  • Chief of police

The Lee Hong Assassination: 2 Kills

  • Tzun (given the name Zhun in this game)
  • Lee Hong

Hunter and Hunted: 1 Kill

  • Albert Fournier
Hitman Blood Money: 65 People + 1 Canary

Death of a Showman: 18 kills

  • The ‘Pyro’: fiber wired by 47
  • 2 gangsters: shot (most likely by shotgun, however pistol is possible)
  • Chemist: killed with kitchen knife
  • Guard in Elevator: fiber wired
  • 3 gangsters at poker table: shot (either with pistol or SMG)
  • 3 gangsters: sniped with dragonov
  • 1 gangster (named Del?): pushed over railing
  • Carol Anne (secretary): poisoned
  • Joseph “Swing King” Clarence: UKM (but likely killed with baseball bat)
  • 3 gangsters: killed by dropping chandelier on
  • Scoop: most likely shot

It’s unknown if 47 killed the one woman at the end or left her as a witness. I would say he didn’t, but it’s left open to player interpretation.

A Vintage Year: 2 kills

  • Fernando Delgado: fiber wire
  • Manuel Delgado

Curtains Down: 2 kills

  • Alvaro D’Avalde: proxy kill with firearm
  • Richard Delahunt: some kind of light rig dropped on him (either chandelier or stage lights)

Flatline: 3 kills

  • Carmine De Salvo
  • Rudy Menzana
  • Lorenzo Lombardo

A New Life: 1 kill

  • Vinny Sinestra

The Murder of Crows: 3 kills

  • Mark Purayah II
  • Raymond Kulinsky
  • Angelina Mason

You Better Watch Out… : 5 kills

I know there are going to be a few people in the community that question the total for this mission. For starters I don’t think 47 encountered the third and optional female target/assassin in this mission known only as “?”. Although there are certainly players who fall for the trap laid out by the assassin, I don’t think 47 would fall for it or even really notice it at all.

Then we get to the assassination method for Chad Bingham, I believe that breaking the glass hot tub floor is the canon method in which Chad Bingham dies. There are a few things that point to this being the canon Assassination method, mainly a newspaper clipping in the mission “one of a kind” in absolution describing how multiple innocents died (and implying that the Bingham job went badly)

  • Chad Bingham
  • 3* Women in hot tub with Chad Bingham
  • *If timed improperly a fourth woman who occasionally comes to sit with Chad in the hot tub can be killed by breaking the glass bottom. The three women constantly sit in the hot tub and can’t really be moved by normal or logical means, thus they are always killed as well with this method.
  • Lorne De Havilland

Death on the Mississippi: 7 kills

  • Skip Muldoon
  • Everett Jefferson
  • Adam Hendrickson
  • Elijah Krup
  • Junior O’Daniel
  • William S. Corfitz
  • Joe Netber

Till Death Do us part: 3 kills

  • Messenger: shot by 47 in before mission cutscene
  • Hank Muldoon
  • Pappy Leblanc

A House of Cards: 3 kills

  • Mohammed Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa
  • Tariq Abdul Lateef
  • Hendrik Schmutz

A Dance With The Devil: 4 kills

  • Anthony Martinez
  • Vaana Ketlyn
  • Maynard John
  • Eve

Amendment XXV: 2 kills

  • Mark Parchezzi III
  • Daniel Morris

Requiem: 12 people + 1 canary

  • 1 Canary: killed in before mission cutscene
  • Alexander Leland Caine
  • Rick Henderson
  • Priest
  • 9 FBI Agents
Hitman: Sniper Challenge: 15 People
  • Richard Strong
  • 14 bodyguards
Hitman Absolution: 36 Kills

A Personal Contract: 5 kills

  • 1 Mansion Guard: killed in cutscene before mission*
    • *I don’t think 47 knocked this guy out because of absolution’s mechanics and tone
  • 4 mansion guards: killed in point shooting

The King of Chinatown: 1 Kill

  • The King of Chinatown

Hunter and Hunted: 4 Kills

  • Don Osmond
  • Bill Dole
  • Larry Clay
  • Frank Owens

Rosewood: 1 Kill

  • Edward Wade

Shaving Lenny: 5 Kills

  • Tyler Colvin
  • Landon Metcalf
  • Gavin Leblonde
  • Mason McCready
  • Luke Wheeley

End of the Road: 1 Kill

  • Lenny Dexter

Death Factory: 3 Kills

  • Marcus Green
  • Raymond Valentine
  • Warren Ashford

Fight Night: 1 Kill

  • Sanchez

Attack of the Saints: 7 Kills

  • Jennifer Anne Paxton
  • Heather McCarthy
  • Agnija Radoncic
  • Dijana Radoncic
  • Louisa “Candy” Cain
  • Jaqueline Moorhead
  • Lasandra Dixon

Operation: Sledgehammer: 1 Kill

  • Clive Skurky

Blackwater Park: 1 Kill

  • Layla Stockton

Countdown: 1 Kill

  • Blake Dexter

Absolution: 5 Kills

  • Jade Nguyen
  • Jack Aegis
  • John Hoplon
  • Carey Scutum
  • Benjamin Travis
Hitman Sniper: 11 (?) Kills
  • Markus Krug
  • Basia Romanowski
  • Jaroslav Benak
  • Baltasar Cabasso
  • Dimitri Lefkos
  • Omid Maklouf
  • Vincent Krug
  • Ralph Ashbury (it’s possible ashbury was killed without 47’s intervention, but he’ll be included here for the sake of simplicity)
  • Kim Euston
  • Colin Ningbo
  • Tuulia Hernandez

I understand 47 can also kills guards in this game (much like normal sniper missions). But I don’t know how many there are (or if they infinitely spawn). I don’t know / couldn’t find much about sniper assassin and haven’t played it myself so for now I’m just keeping it to the 11 main conclave targets.

Hitman: World of Assassination Trilogy Total: 189 people + 169 imaginary people
Hitman 2016: 70 kills
Hitman 2: 83 kills
Hitman 3: 36 kills + 169 imaginary kills (primarily 7DS)

For the world of Assassination trilogy, all missions (that means all campaign missions, Patient Zero, Bonus Missions, Special Assignments) and elusive Targets are canon. I know elusive Targets have been stated to effectively be “selectively canon” (for example 47 probably didn’t kill The collector, The procurers, and Madam Carlisle all on the same day during the mission death in the family). However these Assassinations probably all did happen at some point (maybe not all in the same space or time that missions take place in the game that was done for the sake of development time, but likely they did occur). Things such as other escalations (like the deluxe escalations), and featured contracts are considered not canon. 7DS Kills have been counted as “imaginary” canon kills, as they are all in 47’s head, but are still “killed”.

Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy: 189 People + 169 Imaginary People

Hitman (2016)

The Final Test: 1

  • The actor playing Jasper knight*
    • *The reason why I think this guy is actually dead is because of the canon “kill” method for the final test. If you stick around after, the mechanics and guards will comment on how that was not a planned way of being able to kill jasper knight and that “rookie must be crazy”. The way the actor flys through the glass hanger roof and how high they fly leaves me to believe that he did not survive the incident.

The Showstopper: 8 kills

It’s believed by the premission cutscene in Untouchable that Viktor Novikov was killed by dropping the runway light rig onto him. This Assassination method would naturally result in nontarget casualties. Testing for how many casualties this would result in was tested in Hitman 3, and consistently resulted in the same amount of casualties. It’s unknown if this method was attempted in Hitman 2016 it would result in more casualties (that of the crowd members that lack actual AI).

  • Viktor Novikov
    • 6 nontargets killed by the light rig (3 male cameramen, 2 male photographers, and 1 female partygoer)*
  • *A seventh kill (a model on stage with viktor) can be avoided by waiting for Novikov to finish his speech and waiting for her to leave the stage. We also know Sebastian Sato was spared this via emetically poisoning his champagne due to his presence in Dubai in Hitman 3.
  • Dalia Margolis

World of Tomorrow: 2 kills

  • Silvio Caruso
  • Francesca Desantis

The Icon: 1 kill

  • Dino Bosco

The Landslide: 1 kill

  • Marco Abiatti

A Gilded Cage: 2 kills

  • Claus Hugo Strandberg
  • Reza Zaydan

A House Built on Sand: 2 kills

  • Kong Tuo-Kwang
  • Mathieu Mendola

Club 27: 2 kills

  • Jordon Cross: pushed over ledge
  • Ken Morgan

Freedom fighters: 4 kills

  • Sean Rose
  • Penelope Graves
  • Maya Parvati
  • Ezra Berg

Situs Inversus: 2 kills

  • Eric Soders
  • Yuki Yamazaki

The Source: 2 kills

  • Oybek Nabazov
  • Sister Yulduz

The Author: 2 kills

  • Craig Black
  • Brother Akram

The Vector: 5 kills

  • Steven Bradley
  • Four Infected Militia Members

Patient Zero: 2 kills
I’ve Decided to Say that 47 Stopped the infection from spreading as there is a lack of canon on what truly happened in this mission

  • Klauss Lieblied
  • Owen Cage

The Sarajevo Six: 6 kills

  • Scott Sarno
  • Gary Lunn
  • Walter Menarc
  • John Stubbs
  • Patrick Morgan
  • Taheji Koyama

Elusive Targets (2016 Locations): 28 Targets

  • Sergei Larin (The Forger)
  • Anthony L. Troutt (The Congressman)
  • Adalrico Candelaria (The Prince)
  • Jonathan Smythe (the sensation)
  • Vito Duric (the gunrunner)
  • Dylan Narvaez (the twin)
  • Gary Busey (the wildcard)
  • Howard Moxon (the broker)
  • Owen Wagner (the black hat)
  • Nila Torvik (the pharmacist)
  • Xander Haverfoek (the fixer)
  • Brendan Conner (the identity thief)
  • Richard Ekwensi (the ex-dictator)
  • Inez Ekwensi (the gold digger)
  • Gabriel Santos (the chef)
  • Etta Davis (the angel of death)
  • Richard J. Magee (the guru)
  • Wen Ts’ai (the food critic)
  • Richard M. Foreman (the chameleon)
  • Walter Williams (the blackmailer)
  • Adeze Oijofor (the warlord)
  • Pavel Frydel (the doctor)
  • Akane Akenawa (the surgeon)
  • Pertti Jarnefelt (the bookkeeper)
  • Kieran Hudson (the paparazzi)
  • Bartholomew Argus (the badboy)
  • Ji-Hu (the fugitive)
  • Mister Giggles (The Entertainer)

Hitman 2 (2018)

Nightcall: 1 kill

  • Alma Reynard

The Finish Line: 2 kills

  • Sierra Knox
  • Robert Knox

Three Headed Serphant: 5 kills

  • Andrea Martinez
  • Rico Delgado
  • Jorge Franco
  • Diana’s mother and father: blown up with car bomb (shown in after mission cutscene)

Chasing a Ghost: 3 kills

  • Wazir Kale
  • Dawood Rangan
  • Vanya Shaw

Another Life: 2 kills

  • Janus
  • Nolan Cassidy

The Ark Society: 2 kills

  • Sophia Washington
  • Zoe Washington

Golden Handshake: 1 kill

  • Athena Savalas

The Last Resort: 3 kills

  • Ljudmila Vetrova
  • Tyson Williams
  • Steven Bradley

Hokkaido Snow Festival: 1 kill

  • Dmitri Fedorov

Embrace the Serpent: 1 kill

  • Blair Reddington

Illusions of Grandeur: 1 kill

  • Basil Carnaby

A Silver Tongue: 1 kill

  • Ajit “AJ” Krish

A bitter Pill: 1 kill

  • Ghalen Vholes

Elusive Targets (2018 Locations): 6 kills

  • Mark Faba (the undying)
  • Vincent Murillo (the revolutionary)
  • Miranda Jamison (the appraiser)
  • Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating (the politician)
  • The Censor
  • Jimmy Chen (the stowaway)

The Last Yardbird: 18 kills

  • Dorian Lang
  • Guillaume Maison
  • Doris Lee
  • 15 bodyguards

The Pen and the Sword: 18 kills

  • Re Thak
  • Lhom Kwai
  • Jin Noo
  • 15 Heavens Guard

Crime and Punishment: 17 kills

  • Roman Khabko
  • Vitaly Reznikov
  • 15 Siberian Tigers (prison guards)

Hitman 3

On Top of the World: 2 kills

  • Marcus Stuyvesant
  • Carl Ingram

A Death in the Family: 2 kills

  • Alexa Carlisle
  • 1 Providence agent (seen in bushes, assumed dead over unconscious because him being unconscious or returning is never mentioned). It’s not a fully confirmed death, but I’m airing on the side of caution and what I believe 47 actually did here and counting it.

Apex Predator: 11 kills

I’ll assume the “clean house” scenario is canon, where 47 kills all ICA Agents

  • Agent Montgomery
  • Agent Banner
  • Agent Tremaine
  • Agent Thames
  • Agent Green
  • Agent Rhodes
  • Agent Swan
  • Agent Lowenthal
  • Agent Chamberlin
  • Agent Davenport
  • Agent Price

End of An Era: 2 kills

It’s possible that 47 killed some of the gas mask wearing facility guards during his exit, but that’s complete speculation on my part and thus won’t be included

  • Hush
  • Imogen Royce

The Farewell: 4 kills

  • Tamara Videl
  • Don Yates: stabbed with letter opener
  • 1 mercenary: chandelier dropped on
  • Juan Cortazar (head of security)

It’s unknown if 47 killed the 3 other mercenaries who escorted Diana to the top floor, but 47 certainly killed the other two.

Untouchable: 2 imaginary kills

It’s likely that 47 used the memory erasing serum on the constant (sparing his life). However, with how nontarget eliminations are permitted in this level, it’s likely 47 did kill multiple Providence members along the way. Which members these were is completely unknown however, and therefore from what it currently known the kill count for this level will remain zero. I don’t think 47 would be going out of his way to kill every Providence member on the train, but would be willing to kill those that got in his way.

  • Diana’s parents (again, and imaginary): killed by car Bomb again. I debated whether to include this one as imaginary kills or simply remembering the past, however o decided to keep them as 47’s “reimagining” the event and kept them.

Shadows in the Water: 2 kills

  • Noel Crest
  • Sinhi “Akka” Venthan

Elusive Targets (2021): 8 kills

  • Kody Haynes (the collector)
  • Joanne Bayswater (the iconoclast)
  • Terrence Chesterfield (the liability)
  • Philo Newcombe (the heartbreaker)
  • Jack Roe (the procurer)
  • Robert Burk (the procurer)
  • Allison Moretta (the ascensionist)
  • Sully Bowden (the rage)

7 Deadly Sins (imaginary kills)

A lot of people are going to say that this DLC events shouldn’t even be bothered to be included as it’s all in 47’s head from the ether neurotoxin and isn’t even real. However I think these events are still notable on the timeline as part of 47’s story, and I will still be counting them separately as “imagined” kills, besides it’s interesting to count them on the side to see just how lethal 47 is in his own head. I counted the canon version of these escalations as “embracing” the sin for maximum casualties and simplicity, as this part doesn’t REALLY matter and doesn’t deserve differentiation as having two separate version of the events.

  • Greed: 12 imaginary kills

    • Teresa Salas (neck snapped)
    • Hanako Katosx (neck snapped)
    • Lars Blocker (thrown melee weapon)
    • Namimah Wahba (thrown melee weapon)
    • Kelly To (drowned)
    • Taqqee Koroma (Axe)
    • Lalit Mandal (Axe)
    • Usama Tahir
    • Keiji Kono (pistol)
    • Carl Thorn (pistol)
    • Tommy Marevick (pistol)
    • Yoshi Morits (pistol)
  • Pride: 8 or 10 kills

Pride has two separate paths with two separate casualty counts, making it impossible to have a singular definitive count, however for the sake of simplicity we will say that 47 likely embraced the “hard” route where he embraces the sin (falling in line with the elimination paths for other levels). However I’ll also show the total for the easy path here

  • Easy Path: 10 imaginary kills

    • Geming Qiao (Explosion)
    • Yingtai Tang (Explosion)
    • Virgilio Nelms (Sniper Rifle)
    • Hui Hou (Sniper Rifle)
    • Filiberto Newbold (Sniper Rifle)
    • Lavern Cancel (Sniper Rifle)
    • Da Yin (Cutlass)
    • Abe Freeborn (Cutlass)
    • Salvador Moline (Cutlass)
    • Tomas Perren (Cutlass)
  • Hard Path: 8 kills

    • Sam Brownlee (Tanto)
    • Lavern Cancel (Tanto)
    • Meilin Du (poison)
    • Sherman Marcoux (poison)
    • Hung Smithers (poison)
    • Sharoon Reed with (fiber wire)
    • Harry Peters (fiber wire)
    • Leslie Huguley (Fiber Wire)
  • Sloth: 15 imaginary kills

    • Layton Rose (thrown weapon)
    • Ray Wright
    • Leonard Parsons (accident)
    • The Jogger (level 1)
    • Oliver Dickens (thrown weapon)
    • Flynn Sharp (accident)
    • Jude Graham (accident)
    • Jane Moss
    • The jogger (level 2)
    • Mr. Fernsby (accident)
    • Aron Ford Jr (fall accident)
    • Lawrence Hunt (accident)
    • Mary Moore (thrown weapon)
    • Ben Stone
    • The jogger (level 3)
  • Lust: 7 kills

    • The 7 Pretenders
  • Gluttony: 18 kills

    • Two street guards (for fish)
    • Three Block guards (for grapevines)
    • Three exterior guards (for fish)
    • 4 ICA Facility security (for meatbones)
    • Two block guards (for grapevines)
    • 4 ICA facility guards (for bananas)
  • Envy: 8 kills

    • Hector Delgado (accident)
    • Emma Carlisle (poison)
    • Derek Mclnnis (knife)
    • Sister Lei (grape crusher)
    • Maxwell Rutter (sniper rifle)
    • Kharan Dhar (electrocution)
    • Helen West (explosion)
    • The Rival
  • Wrath - 117 imaginary kills

    • 2 inhibitors

    • 4 guards

    • 3 inhibitors

    • 7 guards

    • 4 inhibitors

    • 9 guards

    • 3 inhibitors

    • 8 guards

    • 5 inhibitors

    • 12 guards

    • 6 inhibitors

    • 12 guards

  • 4 inhibitors

  • 9 guards

  • 5 inhibitors

  • 9 guards

  • 7 inhibitors

  • 8 guards

The Dartmoor Garden Show: 5 kills

It’s unknown what canonically happened at the dartmoor garden show, if all three levels of the “escalation” are canon, however for the sake of simplicity we will say all three levels of the escalation happened at once at the event, meaning that 47 killed the three other competitors of the show and two of the judges for the client and their accomplice.

  • 3 competitors
  • 2 judges

Overall total:

Codename 47 version:

  • 459 people
  • 170 imaginary kills (including the one imaginary kill from contracts because it still happened in 47’s mind)
  • 5 dogs
  • 1 boar
  • 1 canary

Contracts version:

  • 418 people
  • 170 imaginary kills
  • 1 canary

That’s everything that I’ve Counted, here’s some stats from all of this as well:

Of all of the main hitman games (excluding the two smaller sniper games of course) the game with the most amount of kills was Hitman 2 (2018) with 83 people, mainly pushed there by the three sniper missions, barely edging out codename 47 (77 people) and hitman 2016 (70 people). If you counted the entire world of assassination trilogy as one “game” it would also far surpass all other games with a whopping 189 people killed (with the 169 imaginary kills from 7DS being there on the side as well).

Hitman: Absolution was the game with the least amount of kills, although there could technically be more, as there are several sections within the game where 47 can kill a person and still get the maximum rating, but the details are unknown. Hitman 3 (2021) also is currently tied for the position, but with a healthy amount of imaginary kills from 7DS and soon with the release of freelancer, it will most certainly rise above this current position.

Of all the (actually real) missions, the top ten most lethal ones were:

  1. Redemption at Gontranno (22 People Killed)
  2. Asylum Aftermath (18 Kills + 1 Imaginary, funnily enough with none of them actually committed by the player)
  3. A 3 way tie between:
    a. Death of a Showman (18 Kills)
    b. The Last Yardbird (18 Kills)
    c. The Pen and the Sword (18 Kills)
  4. Crime and Punishment (17 Kills)
  5. Meet Your Brother (16 Kills)
  6. Hitman: Sniper (15 Kills)
  7. Say Hello to My Little Friend (14 Kills)
  8. Plutonium Runs Loose (12 Kills) and Requiem (12 Kills) Tied
  9. Apex Predator (11 Kills)
  10. Hitman Sniper (11 Kills, but may get placed higher on this list later)

Of the games Codename 47, Contracts, and Sniper Challenge were the only games to feature ONLY male characters assassinated. Flipping that around, the only missions that had only females assassinated* were The Death of Hannelore (which also features the series first female target), attack of the saints, blackwater park, Nightcall, the ark society, and Golden Handshake

*(Death in the family is not counted because of the dead providence member after the mission, however I will still take note of it here).

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We don’t know that the Providence member is dead instead of unconscious. At the time 47 took his outfit, he was still thinking there was a chance he and Grey were gonna be able to get out of it without compromising their mission, until he saw exactly what was going down.


Yeah I really considered/debated that possibility, however the main thing that makes me think that he’s dead instead of unconscious is that 47 seems more than willing to kill these particular members to protect Gray. 47 already knows that gray was attacked and that he’s in bad shape, so I again don’t think he would hold back here either.

That, plus as I mentioned we never hear about this “unconscious” providence member again or that a members clothes were taken during this job. It would make sense that he wouldn’t be mentioned if he was simply KIA’ed by 47. They would likely just think he was killed by Gray or normally during the operation.

Possibly, but I think 47 would have erred on the side of caution until he saw the full situation. And there really wouldn’t be a need to mention an unconscious CICADA member (not Providence, paid for by Providence) as they probably figured out 47 knocked him out, as he was still on the loose and they knew it. Without being certain that he was killed, I don’t think he can be confirmed as a “canon” kill, but as an “undetermined” case.

It was Providence, but they were all FORMER CICADA. We know this because these members are all found on the mission “Untouchable” with some of the guards (I believe specifically the tough winter camo guys) talking about the operation on Gray, and how one of them felt bad for the one that got close to gray paid the price (because gray stole his gun and shot him).

Gray also says right before his death “tell the constant to start running” implying that these mercenaries knew that the constant at the very least existed. I also think Gray’s radio message right at the end of the mission mentions them as being from the constant (as they were).

I’ll still consider it a canon kill because of the way it was shown and not given more detail in Untouchable. But I’ll make a bit more of a note on it in the Hitman 3 Section.

He was talking to 47 when he said tell the Constant to start running, implying that he knew Edwards was going to contact the others before it was over. He was making it seem that he was talking to them to keep them from guessing 47 was among them.

The mercenaries were in their CICADA gear during that operation, so I’m pretty sure it was their company. I think it’s likely they became Providence after that mission because Edwards used one of their subsidiaries to buy out CICADA and bring them into the Providence fold, much like how ICA’s assets have been claimed and are present on the train, and Orson Mills, who was formerly militia.

Either way, still keep the mercenary on the list, because you could be right, but I think it needs a question mark by it.

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How are you killing so many people? I only hit 2 photographers/cameramen (and of course the models currently walking) when testing stuff with it.

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The number of people that can be killed by the lights can be manipulated, and if the light rig is considered the “canon” death of Novikov (I don’t consider it such for precisely this reason), the in-game deaths of bystanders should be ignored and not counted. 47 could set off an explosion or pull the fire alarm to start an evacuation before dropping it on Novikov to preserve SA.


Again I’ve tested this only/specifically in Hitman 3, so maybe it changes depending on the version of hitman you play with it. I’m also not moving NPC’s around with things like distractions or emetics, other mission opportunities, or other disruptions within the mission. The way I tested this was with a bomb on the winch and being on the ground floor / next to the runway itself to observe.

Viktors speech was triggered naturally (about 18 to 19 minutes into the mission). After emetically poisoning Sebastian Sato almost immediately when starting as the Stylist. I also blew up the winch effectively after Viktors speech when the model behind him walks off the stage (so she doesn’t get killed as well).

I wasn’t really looking to into the crowd before he started his speech. I was trying to naturally minimize runway casualties when attempting this, perhaps I was looking in the wrong place. But it did consistently result in these exact people dying. Maybe it might be more ideal to drop the rig as he’s walking on instead?

Apex Predator is only 5 kills though. The first guy Olivia killed and 47 canonically only kills 5 before they are told to leave. I know many players (myself included) killed all 11, but the mission is only to take out the 5.

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Although Apex Predator requires only 5, it is more than possible to kill all 11 agents, killing 5 normally and the rest during their evacuation (the 10 normal agents in the map, and agent price who spawns at the default starting location only, making 11). This count did not include the unnamed agent Olivia killed herself who’s body can be found. Perhaps 47 killed 4 agents, setup the meeting for “there was a firefight” and either killed the other two agents before they left or setup traps for when they evacuated.

I counted all 11 as being killed by 47 instead of just 5 because of how in more recent games 47 is postulated as being “perfect” and “the apex Predator”. With how the Berlin job is mentioned in End of an Era as a “f***up” and that Jaio resigned afterwords, that phrasing would make sense that it went REALLY badly. ICA has had jobs fail before, ICA has had agents killed in the line of duty, but if they had a job fail that catastrophically where all agents died with that kind of advantage it would certainly be of notice.

Of course it’s possible that 47 killed all 11, but the mission itself ends (I.e., the exits are available) as soon as the 5th agent dies. That means that canonically (which is the point of the thread), 47 only kills the 5. The rest of the agents escape. “Canonically”, means it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about how many kills 47 pulled off. It only matters what actually happens in the mission. 47 could have killed everyone in Berlin, including the dancers, but he didn’t, per the narrative of the level; just like he didn’t kill all 11 agents.

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I’ve tried the whole “pulling the fire alarm” during Viktor’s speech maneuver to try to reduce casualties, however the NPC’s don’t really move in time, and Viktor Novikov just runs off stage before they can do anything. I haven’t tested the explosive theory, but I don’t know if 47 could/would canonically set up such a maneuver (or that it would even be logical for 47 to set this up)

He’s not a target.

20 looney toon brothers


Just because the exit is AVAILABLE, doesn’t mean that 47 instantly leaves the second he gets the opportunity to do so. By that logic 47 doesn’t kill the two additional targets in Flatline, he doesn’t collect optional payment briefcases in blood money, he doesn’t do a number of things. Just because THE PLAYER is given a choice to do that, doesn’t mean it actually happened. The basis for why 47 kills all eleven agents is based off of HIS skill level and how the game talks up his achievements.

Now we’re going into “what I wish the level was like” territory. The level plays out as “47 kills 5 agents, agents leave, 47 exits”. That is the canonical way that level happened. It does not matter how we want the level to have gone, nor does it matter how it could have gone. Once the exit is available those other agents are no longer marked as targets, which means 47 does not kill them in canon. If you, or any other player wants to stage their deaths, or kill them just for spite, or just believes that 47 could have managed it, fine, but that is not the way it happens in canon. Canonically, 47 kills 5 agents in Berlin. No less, no more.


Malcolm sturrock is not technically a target, but it’s highly believed in canon that 47 likely killed him during the contract due to his placement, potential threat, and role in events, with even the Hitman wikia labeling sturrock under their “list of targets”. One can kill him and still perfectly maintain silent assassin, which is more than can be said for a number of individuals killed during some of the older games.

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You can blow up a ton of guards in Kirov Park meeting and get SA too (as you pointed out already), and I’m for a 47 who isn’t always only target and only by accident etc. He shoots the postal delivery guy in that one cutscene so clearly he at least sometimes decides “this person just has to go,” but I know a lot of the fans like to go with the idea that he only takes out targets and no one else.

That is the canonical way the level happened

Your claiming this, but you don’t know this either, it’s effectively “begging the question”. In truth, the evidence is leaning more towards my way with 47’s record, reputation, and game quotes more than it is yours. Canon is not about what the mechanics tell you, but rather what the STORY tells you. Mechanic wise the game tells you that 47 never breaks silent assassin and kills nontargets, but we know that at multiple points during the games that he does just that

Even if you don’t like the evidence I’m providing, it still is a claim of canon other than “well the game is telling me I can leave so that’s what happens”. The game doesn’t mark the NPC’s as targets because it’s telling the player (not 47) “you don’t NEED to kill these people anymore” and likely because mechanic wise they can’t have the NPC’s leave the map with the red outline (because then it would just show them standing still outside the boundaries).

The only evidence you provided was that you think that being perfect means that 47 must have killed all 11, and that someone said in a later level that Berlin was a “f*** up”. Your assessment that 47 doesn’t leave the level when the exit appears is no more or less valid than my assessment that he does. The only actual evidence that exists which speaks to what happened is that the level is scripted to end after 5 agents are killed.

It’s not begging the question to take the level as it is described. The level describes 47 killing 5 targets, those targets leave, and 47 leaves. If the game is telling the player/47 that he doesn’t need to kill those targets anymore, then he doesn’t kill them. If his reputation means anything, it must also mean he doesn’t needlessly kill people he doesn’t have to.