How many targets do you prefer contracts mode?

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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I find 5 target contracts really annoying. But that is just me. I prefer 3 at most. What do you like?

I like having 5 because I like to mix up and use the different methods of elimination. If I want to use accidents, I try to use one explosion, one fall, one object falling on them, one burning, and one drowning. If I want to just plain murder then, I try to use one fiber wiring, one shot to the head, one neck break, one stabbing, and one poisoning. If one of those can’t be done, usually poisoning or stabbing, I do a second shooting, this time two shots to the heart, but not the pistol elimination version.

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It depends on the type of contract.

Sniper contracts can have all five, but regular contracts it depends on how many complications they throw in. I’m generally not in the mood for doing a bunch of targets + bunch of complications at the same time.

Oh, definitely. No complications except those that are optional. The insta-fail is too irritating to chance, even when I’m sure I can do it. Most especially the nobody can see you commit an illegal action one, because sometimes I want the targets to see me at the last second, and the two that specify how shits can be fired, because sometimes I need to fire bullets that won’t necessarily hit an NPC in the head.

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how shits can be fired

I prefer 3 targets because any less is trivial because the sieker and any more kinda drags because of the not so many ways to kill random contract targets

Any number of targets can work depending on the contract’s premise. I’ll go with 3 as the middle ground but some of my favourite Contracts have had a single target, or lots of them.

But that just me.
If I play just random contract, I’ll always pick 5-targets contract.
1-3 is just too fast and too easy. 4, quite okay, but 5 is still better.
Sometimes I regret that IOI doesn’t allow more than 5 targets.
Ability to have 8-10 targets would be good.
Though sometimes it’s fun to have all NPCs as targets

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I’m always up for 5 targets. I don’t think I’ve ever done one with less than 5. I don’t play ones that have VIPs and I try not to play those that have ”bland” kills with targets so close together and easily accessible. I’m sure the quality of contracts is miles better on PC, I play on Xbox.:sob:

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5, the really thing that i hate its contracts with 10/20/30 targets that people do and when i doing Search contracts
the contracts with more than 5 targets stay forever in the front :confused:

When I’m writing story contracts, I tend to only choose 1-3 targets for two reasons:

  • I try to choose targets with at least some moving route, which admittedly isn’t many towards the later maps.
  • I also try not to overdo it and mimic actual missions to a Tee, accustomed with a briefing and description and everything, which I feel like i’ll have writer burnout towards the end

Puzzle contracts, however? Definitely either 2-5.

  • Puzzle contracts with 2-3 targets tend to be straightforward and more “how am I going to avoid the obviously obstacle put right in front of me.” An example is “Let Them Eat Cake,” my featured contract in Dubai, where the obvious question is “do I sneak down as a famous chef, or sneak up as a regular chef?”
  • Contracts with 4-5 targets tend to be an actual puzzle, and I sprinkle in hints within the kill methods and locations of the target. For example, in my Haven Island contract “The Ties that Bind,” you have to kill the butler with a falling object, but you have to kill a masseuse. Normally not flowy unless you discover the key element and tricks! What a puzzle.
  • I normally never do 1 target puzzle contracts since it feels abnormally asthmatic, in a sense. I have to use these items, I will constantly be in that area of the map, and I’ll probably use the same exit if tried multiple times. With multiple targets, I am able to route accordingly, asking questions like “Where will I start?” “What exit would I take?” “Who should I eliminate first?” Those contracts that make you route and plan are always my favorite.

If I’m hoping for a quick contract, I hope for 3 or 4 but if it’s an FC I prefer 5 with different, fun kill methods.

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