How much licensed music is used in the series?

i was wondering this myself. i know of:

  • immortals by clutch, put your head on my shoulder by paul anka and a different kind of love by dick walker in contracts

  • moonlight serendade, start all over again and they all laughed in whittleton creek

  • i think there used to be licensed music in hokkaido but idk

but is there more?


Walking Dead by Puressence. Plays in Contracts, at the bar during Deadly Cargo.

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Ave Maria!

There’s also the hidden cutscene in Blood Money where 47 and Diana go to a karaoke bar and duet YMCA by the Village People (Note: This may be a lie)

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I believe some music from WC, I think that plays on Janus’ gramophone, is copyrighted. It can also play on the “classical” playlist on freelancer and some youtubers where getting copyright claims for those pieces.