How much would 47's safehouse cost in reality? (without the bunker)

how much would 47’s safehouse cost in reality? (without the bunker)


In order to answer that question we have to know where it is.
Do you know where it is?


It’s probably in Denmark.

I think it’s fair to assume the safehouse was purpose-built for 47, given the elaborate underground design. It seems unlikely the basement was added later. This would spike the price of construction dramatically given the secrecy that would be required. I’m picturing a highly-paid construction team flown in from abroad like those who build Fring’s meth lab in Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul.

However, I assume OP means for us to discount this when they say “without the bunker” (i.e. how much would the house cost were it just a normal property on the market IRL). In which case, the location is certainly an important question as has already been mentioned. Whilst we can only speculate, it’s likely to be a remote location which could imply a cheaper land value. At least in comparison to an expensive city.

But then there’s the value of the bricks & mortar itself. The house, even if we discount the basement, is clearly built to a very high standard. This would surely command a much higher asking price in whichever location the property happens to be located when compared to a more ordinary house.

All of this leads me to conclude, to quote @MrOchoa’s post, the safehouse would be worth at least…


I guess Canada, I feel like it lines up with the mode of transport to each location in the loading screen

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Romania. The obvious choice. Back where 47 came from, his roots.


I definitely think Diana commissioned it’s construction just before her and 47 went into partnership as Freelance operatives. It’s construction was likely complete sometime during the year they didn’t communicate and 47 eventually acquired sometime after the Hitman III epilogue.

I think judging by the Safehouse’s outside appearance, it looks like it’s been built for a while with the foliage hanging down from the roofing. I do think the inside has recently been decked out though.

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It’s possible that 47 has allowed the exterior of safehouse to become overgrown intentionally. That way it would be more camouflaged when viewed from a satellite image; making it harder for potential bad guys and/or law enforcement to find it.

I’ve always assumed it was an abandoned house that Diana had somehow gotten hold of and then gifted to 47 when they went freelance. 47 or Diana presumably cleaned up the interior but intentionally left the exterior untouched for the aforementioned reasons.


Seriously, I think it’s in Alaska.

If anyone remembers, Hitman 2016 wanted to be visually centred around airports. The main one, that you can see in cinematic, was modelled after the Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

Why ?
Because Incheon is in the top ten air cargo in the world. Not for passenger, logistics. Perfect for 47 and discreet travel (and smuggling of equipment).

Anchorage is famously another one in the top ten, and easily forgotten. So, it’s my go to for what is used in by 47 Freelancer.

Also the potential US flag in the shed.
Price wise, it would put this kind of house around 1 to 3 millions. Dependant on the amount of land.


Four! ! !

Point! ! !

Seven! ! !





This does definitely seem the most plausible reason as to what happened to be fair.

I suppose if it was archived resources of either Providence or the ICA, they could have potentially traced Diana and 47 to its location, so you’re probably right by it previously being an abandoned building.


Three silver coins…

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My fan theory in that it’s the personal safehoise or vacation house of a previous target. Snatched up during foreclosure, there’s so many good ones to choose from (Colarado, Ortmeyer, Providence, ICA, etc…).
47 has a serious knack for grabbing assorted bits left over from previous contracts, so that just made sense to me.

47 has a european style power outlet in the safehouse, so I think it’s either in romania or russia. If it’s in romania, as i suspect, it would be somewhere in the teal areas of this map based on the foliage (the teal areas have a climate similar to that of northern Ontario, for example)

just found this thread. as for another estimate for the location, he seems to drive on the right side of the road when leaving the safe house, so I would guess it’s somewhere in North America, maybe the US or Canada. (Basing that off of what the geography looks like too - the types of trees). And, as LandirtHome notes, there is a possible US flag in 47’s shed.

But to get back on topic: the cost of 47’s safe house was exactly one ICA Outstanding Performance coin hence why it’s missing from the briefcase


The road 47 takes exiting the safehouse garage is only a single lane dirt road; no right side, no left side, room only for a single vehicle. If you’re referring to the scenes that show him driving, those can be from anywhere in the world for any particular reason. 47 probably stops at various different airports, takes a car to another and jets off again to make any trail even harder to follow. I don’t think the scenes of him driving are meant to clue in where the safehouse is located in any way.

Eh, I think he gave that coin to the US government to help them avoid hitting the debt ceiling and defaulting. :smirk:

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