How to complete "Elderly Assistance"?

According to the tips from other forum, you’ll have to finish the following 7 sub tasks:

  1. put a cake in the dish
  2. make a cup of tea
  3. turn on the music on 2nd floor
  4. stuff 6 holes and talk to the guard nearby
  5. put a package of smoke on the table next to the oxygen tank
  6. let the doctor meet Janus
  7. take out the guard following Janus (the one in red), then Janus would go meet the woman next house.

I finished the first 5, but I just couldn’t finish 6 and 7. I tried many ways but the doctor just wouldn’t leave the riverside. I took out the red cloth guard but Janus never go and meet anyone.

How am I supposed to finish them?

I suppose before Janus go to Helen’s he needs to be treated by the doctor.
In the other thread I explained how to make the doctor visit Janus, after you do that, Janus should go visit Helen.
I recommend you to get rid of Gunther (it’s the name of that assistant) as one of the first steps


Just do the doctor visit yourself, take his disguise and do the appointment it still counts towards the achievement

Feels like cheating to me