How to contact IOI about missing Requiem Pack?

I do not have twitter acccount, and cannot see on IOI website if there is any possibility to contact them through their site.

Im missing Requiem pack as some of you, and I’ve had it in Hitman as well as Hitman 2.

I did my carryover and everything seems to be there, even more so, than I previously unlocked, but the Requiem suit, pistol and duck.

IO is already aware of that.

An official way to report bugs here will come soon.


Allright, thank you. :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue on pc so thanks for putting that out there and good to know there aware of it.

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They are aware of the pack missing. They updated the bottom of the guide with a faq


Will they just automatically update into the game once they fix it?

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Has anything been found out about this issue as it’s been more then a month and my pack is still missing.

Wait till tomorrow as the first (Major) patch will be out for the game which bring a number of fixes, possibly including the Requiem Pack.

Hopefully they’ll be part of the update which is coming imminently.