How to equip upgrades in Sniper Assassin game mode?

I’ve been playing the Himmelstein map, and I’ve unlocked upgrades up to level 10, but how do I equip them? For example, I’ve unlocked the extra ammo mag, but I don’t see an option to equip them onto the Sieger 300. I’m playing this mode in Hitman 3. Hopefully this isn’t a bug.

You don’t have to. These upgrades will be automatically applied to the rifle when you reach those mastery levels. They won’t be applied outside of Sniper Assassin mode, meaning that Sieger 300 Ghost will always remain the same in the traditional game mode.

Yeah and that’s a bit of a bummer.
You spend tens of hours grinding sniper rifles upgrades, but can’t use them anywhere except sniper mode…

It is indeed. Well at least we can enjoy Arctic Druzhina’s special ammo before it eventually gets patched.