How to finish Drown Your Sorrows?

It requires me to listen to P-Power while he tells about his problems. I tried in many ways: standing in front of him, order musics, cut the power for many times trying to piss him off. I even changed some disguises, including the tattoo guy, the submarine engineer.

How am I supposed to finish this?

Dress up as a bartender, blend in and listen to his whinings

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Where can I find another bartender? I guess P-Power is the only one in town. I tried a mansion staff disguise and it doesn’t work.

P-Power is the tattoo artist. The bartender is the guy behind the bar.

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Why another? Just knock out that dude behind the bar and take his clothes

Oh I see, I took it in the other way… I guess my brain was shutting down for a moment: I thought P-Power is the name of the bartender.