How to finish "Hold My Hair"?

I studied the route of the Washington sisters, and I only found 2 chances to poison Sophia (one after I vote no then poison her in the bar, and the other one after I vote yes then she suggested a cheers). But both of the results are that she looked for a near by trash box and vomited there, which gave me no choice of drowning her.

For Zoe, I couldn’t find any opportunity for poisoning.

What should I do to make that happen?

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If you’re struggling with main mission targets, all the versatile assassin challenges can be completed on contracts, elusive, or escalation targets.

I also sometimes have luck getting people puking in trash bins to go somewhere else by standing and blocking it. This is a known issue IO have mentioned in the patch notes.


You could also use the Sieker to poison Sophia and Zoe when they’re near a toilet. That usually works (Sophia right from the start at the architect bar and Zoe when she exits the exhibition room with the necklace in it).

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My method: hook a target in any way (coin, distraction, lure, weapon trick) in the bathroom, and place a coin just in front of a toilet. Works in 100% of cases.
There is a bathroom on Sgail where there is a radio there. So here you go - turn it on and wait till Sophia passes by and hears it. After she turns it off, throw (or place) a coin in front of a toilet and you’re free to go.
Zoe passes by a bathroom as well. Lure her there and place a coin in front of a toilet as well.
Mission done

That’s clever! And it worked.
I never thought that Drowning option can be activated by the distance to the toilet. I used to think that it can only be activated by vomit state.