How to get bonus episodes for Hitman 1

I redeemed Hitman 1 Complete Season but cannot get the bonus episodes, there is no option to get the bonus episodes. How!!!

Hitman 1 Complete Season doesn’t include bonus episodes, you need the GOTY Upgrade

it did when i bought it back when it was released unless we’re talking about the digital version. goty has the patient zero stuff

yes it does, according to Square Enix

It’s not on your DLC list? Should be named HITMAN: Bonus Episode

no it does not exist

Contact PlayStation Support and tell them you’re missing purchased content

I already contacted them, they said its on IOI to actually help me

According to Discord, the game publisher could also mean Square Enix

Did you buy a secondhand copy? CFS included the bonus episode through a one-time use DLC code.

If it was secondhand, it’s most likely already been used.

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