How to link IOI Account with Epic's?

I have an account on IOI’s website. My Steam account is linked to it.

But there’s no option to link my Epic account.

If I log out of IOI’s website and want to log in again, there is an option - Or sign-in with and underneath that are the various platforms/stores like Epic and Steam etc.

Should I sign-in with that option then?

Because it’s not clear what happens if I sign-in with that option using my EGS account.

  • Does my Steam account get unlinked and if so would that pose a problem for progress transfer later?
  • Does it create a new account that overwrites my existing one on IOI’s website? If so, would that cause any issues when the progress transfer website is up?
  • Or does it just add my EGS account to the existing IOI account since I use the same email id for both?

It’s unclear what actually happens here and what option to select without messing things up. Any official response would be appreciated! Thank you.

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Wondering the same. Do we need to link Epic to IOI account for progress transfer from H2 to H3?

Figured it out thanks to a comment on reddit.

  • Log out of IoI’s website.
  • Go to the login page again, and there will be an option to sign-in with Epic.
  • Use that option to link the accounts.

That will allow you to link your Epic account on your IOI account.

If you see some form of error. Don’t worry. Just go through the process again; that worked for me.

This is of course not an official response, but it worked for me without much issue.


For those who already claimed Hitman 2016 back when it was free on the EPIC games store can also link their account by downloading and installing Hitman 2016, and link/change their email inside the game (Options > IO account or something like that) make sure you use the same email that you did for Hitman 2 (2018) and intend on using for Hitman 3 (2021)
This is what I did yesterday after not figuring out how to do it, already had my steam account linked but not my EPIC games account.

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