How to make a 3rd Person Contract Preview on PS4?

Many on PS4 do “Preview” from a third person without buttons, without interface, etc. I know how to remove the interface, but how to remove the buttons? Or how to move the camera away? Answer please.

I dont think you can remove the button interactions. Well i cant on Xbox at least.

Unfortunately it is not possible in PS4 (as per my knowledge), couldnot find the solution in internet too. I think for any PS4 games it is not possible (except for those photo mode games).

However I found few work arounds as per my exp -


  1. Simply take pictures from your camera and hide menu using triangle button and then take screenshot (as explained by Charlie Farmer)
  2. Crouch and then take a screenshot to hide 47, crop it later. You may try some corner of a room to hide 47 completely.


  1. Start pointing your camera to an area from a far place and record your video. Then crop the video on either upper rectangle or lower rectangle such that the four corner reticle and the middle reticle is out of the crop - mostly it forms a 16:4 video ratio - crop further to make it as per focus. (since the reticle cannot be disabled)
  2. Same like Images point 2.

Hope it helps, let me know what is your requirement in details.

The buttons - disable everything in hud and settings like timer, objective, mini map etc
Stay away from any interactions

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