How to make Maelstrom drink the tea?

I changed 3 tables with a vendor disguise and tried to serve him poisoned tea, but he always said that “not today, not with this mood” or something. Is there any condition that I need to reach to complete this feat?

If I remember correctly he chooses tea randomly so make a save before offering to serve him a tea.

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I won’t assert this, but seems you need to use a particular table for it to work.
At least it worked for me from the first try in HITMAN 3.
Try to use this pink table

There is a neon sign somewhere in the town square showing which tea is his favorite. This is random and will change on every playthrough. It looks like this:


To clarify this post a bit, since I completely forgot about this detail and had to look it up to refresh myself.

It isn’t a neon sign you’re looking for, but a TV in the Slum Square that cycles between news and an advertisement for the tea. The color of the ad represents the color of the table The Maelstrom will drink tea at. Green was the most common color that showed up for me, but it is random each retry.


Thanks, guys! This trick is interesting.


I believe there is also a dialogue among some NPCs that mention what tea he likes. Maybe that is random too where you have to hear them say, then pick the right tea-cart to use. `Never really looked that deep into it.

Probably like how the 1st target (Alma in Nightcall) will choose honey or sugar with her drink.

Edit: But apparently some of the above posts say what tea he likes too. Never knew about those’ns. :thinking:

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Wow, nearly 2½ years since Mumbai was released as part of HITMAN 2, and I’ve only found out about this now… Today I Learned, indeed! Thanks very much for the great tip, DDG7! :grinning: