How to make the snipers usuful again

I have finished masterpiece contracts by the way and the sniper is VERY usuful because of course in that game if they found corpses it didn’t take away silent killer but of course modern games don’t have that feature causing the sniper to lose its usefulness so what would be your idea to make it useful again?

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It’s probably too much work to change things now in Hitman 3, but I’d like this stuff in the next Hitman.

If it’s a loud sniper rifle, I would have it work as it does with guards knowing your position because it makes sense that guards near a target can hear the noise from a distance and know where the shot came from. For a suppressed sniper rifle, I would change it so if you make a kill in one shot the guards don’t get alerted. If you take multiple shots hitting the target to kill them, do a collateral non-target kill with the sniper, or kill the target while guards are already alerted for another reason, then they know your location and will rush 47 like they do now. This way you’re encouraged to take your time to set up the correct shot and ensure it’s a clean kill.

Instead of the piercing perk always being active, I would change it to an alternate ammo type you can switch to. Sometimes it’s good to have piercing, but other times it’s better to have the normal ammo when the target’s near many other people. Some other alternate ammo types I would add are sedative/emetic poison ammo (which would need to be heavily limited) and the shockwave ammo from Sniper Assassin (it would be handy if you’re wanting to cause as much damage as possible on a kill everyone run). I wouldn’t have one sniper with all these perks, but spreading them out over several snipers would encourage players to choose more than just one or two snipers for everything.

I’d also tweak how the Sniper Assassin playstyle/challenge works. I’d give a significant XP bonus for completing a mission Sniper Assassin, with an even higher bonus for getting Sniper Assassin along with Silent Assassin and/or Suit Only. I would add some areas to maps where you can easily hide the bodies after shooting them like the bushes in Himmelstein. If you use the sniper rifle as a tool to set up an accident (shooting a chandelier, power strip, propane flask, etc.) I would have this also count as achieving Sniper Assassin. I’d add more challenges related to snipers to encourage players to use them more often in playthroughs.


Yeah more types off ammo would be asome

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Like the sloth escaletion that if you shoot the runner near the bushes like instaly hides the body?

With the normal foliage like the bushes in Dartmoor or the purple flowers in Mendoza bodies hidden inside them won’t be seen from a distance by other NPCs but if they get close to them they’ll still find them and be alerted. Also, for missions with the “Hide All Bodies” complication bodies in the foliage don’t count for the mission.

In Himmelstein (and I think The Vector on Colorado too) there are large bushes where if you shoot an NPC in front of them, their ragdoll will go in the bushes. In Siberia there are snow piles which function the same way, and I assume there’s something similar on Hantu Port as well. These bodies are truly hidden and unable to be found by NPCs (I’m pretty sure the body despawns when it goes into one of these areas).

I would either rework foliage to consider bodies in them totally hidden or add these special areas to missions to hide bodies from a distance. For example, piles of leaves on Whittleton Creek, sand dunes on Hawke’s Bay or Haven Island, or even piles of trash on highly populated areas like Mumbai or Chongqing.

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Yea it will be asome to have those fetures mate