How to move the Save data from xbox gamepass(pc) to Steam

Hello Manager & many high players

I am a Korean user who played Hitman Trilogy at Xbox-Gamepass on PC

This game was fxxxing good, so I recently purchased Hitman Trilogy at steam store

I wonder if I can’t bring all the progress I’ve achieved in the Xbox Gamepass on PC to Steam

I would be very sad if it’s impossible because I’ve achieved all the mastery, many item, etc…

If there’s anyone who knows, leave a comment plz…

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Unfortunately no. There is no cross-platform save for the game.

In addition, the GamePass on PC version shares the general Xbox servers for Hitman 3, it is essentially an Xbox save. Because of this, you can play you save between Xbox and GamePass for Pc (and also the Xbox Cloud games).


thanks for kind reply…ㅠㅠ

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