How to open elevator doors without server?

In this video, the doors are already open when 47 is at the exit, but he never used the servers. Why is that ?

Because they stay open once you opened them, like the shortcuts.


Do they?
These particular doors been always open, from the very first minute the game was out.
At least for me

They’ve closed for me before and i’ve had to open them again

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So you´re saying once I open them from the server, I never have to open them again ?

Yeah if i remember correctly that should be the case

They are closed in Contracts Mode and (I think) Escalations too.

They are definitely open in contracts mode and the escalations, I used them extensively.

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They are closed in contract creation, but open in any contract you play.


Which is the same as all the shortcuts. Closed to the creator and open to the player.


I’m guessing this is to prevent some contracts with time limitations to be impossible to complete by people who have not unlocked the shortcuts yet


It should also reset to closed with the deletion of your save files which a lot of people did trying to connect at the start, i remember having to open them a few times.

Way I would do it is have everything at default when you use the original story focused starting location.


Yes, that’s a great idea!

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This would be a very good compromise.

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I really wish they’d give us the option to reset map changes like lift doors opening and persistent shortcuts it just feels as if they went to waste using the mechanic once

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