How to play elusive targets with mods

Hello, everyone!
I saw QuickEdit app, but I don’t understand how to use it. Help me with this thing, please. And sorry for my English (I’m from Russia).
Thank you in advance!

I don’t know about mods, but somehow user Kevin Rudd was able to make elusive targets into contracts which can be found in game within the Most Played Last Week without the need for mods.

I was able to load the Mark Faba one in Miami (didn’t complete it) but haven’t tried the other ones. Maybe it’s the simpler way if you just wanna play the contracts. If you wanna explore the mods specifically, then someone else might have a proper answer.

Yes, I saw it, but he did only 5 elusive targets (The undying, the stowaway, the decievers, the prince and the warlord). I already completed them

Hi! I’m the developer of QuickEdit.

Playing ETs and ET map variations isn’t supported by QuickEdit (as much as I’d like it to be) because IO is very firmly against replaying them. You probably won’t get answers here from the people who do know for that reason.

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Oh, it’s sad. @Kevin_Rudd, how did you do contracts with elusive targets?

Are those contracts cross palttform? I don’t find The Undying on Stadia’s most played :confused:

Contracts are not cross-platform.