How to play Hitman 1-3 best if you have Hitman 1GOTY

I am new here, looking for some advice about how to play the hitman trilogy best.

I have PS4 and bought the "HITMAN1 Game of the year edition’. Now since I would like to play HITMAN 2&3 as well in the same game, what would be the best way to buy it? I followed the guide but didnt find it conclusive. What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

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The best way is to buy hitman 3 on whichever platform you’re using. You’ll be able to redeem the 2016 access pack with all of your content. The hitman 2 access passes (base game, expansion, both) are available as a dlc for hitman 3 and are pretty cheap.
So yeah if you buy hitman 3 and the hitman 2 gold access pack you’ll have everything.
Just know that hitman 2016 progress will not transfer, only Hitman 2 progress. This unfortunately means you will have to redo your mastery tracks and challenges.

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If you played Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 then you can jump right into Hitman 3 but if you haven’t played or finished seeing the story from Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 then you should play/finish those before starting Hitman 3.

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What @HungaryHippoe said is not entirely true. H3 will only detect H2. You don’t get H1 levels for free if you don’t have the Legacy Pack in H2:

On consoles, we detect what you already have installed for HITMAN 2 and can make the corresponding Access Pass available for no additional cost on the same store.
Note: If you only own HITMAN 1, you will need to import that content into HITMAN 2 first, via the instructions in our Legacy Pack FAQ.

Source: HITMAN 3 - Player Guide - IO Interactive

I’d say try to get the Free H2 demo (if it exists on PS) and then redeem the H2016 Legacy Pack according to the linked site in the quote.

Register an IO Account if you did not have already and link H2 to it.

Then buy H3 and with some luck you get the H2016 levels for free. You need to buy the H2 levels in any way. You have to see which is cheaper, H2 as the standalone game (then get that instead of the demo) or the H2 Access Pack for H3.

Thank you guys. What is the precise difference between legacy pack and game of the year version (2016)?
Does it matter if I buy hitman 2 then first, or just go straight to 3, and load 2 within 3.

Ill check it tonight (if the demo is still there).

GOTY is the H2016 version that contains the full content that is available for that game. Well, almost. The “Definitive Edition” has three suits on top of that.

Legacy Pack is how this content is called in Hitman 2. There are technically two Legacy Packs but don’t mind that for now.

It should not matter but since it also gives no benefit to start with buying H3 I would not risk to make the process harder. I know no issues that can cause that but better be safe.

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Very helpful, I will buy it tonight then :smile:

If I have HITMAN 3 with 1 and 2 within it, how much total storage does it take on PS4? I read that if you have all three games, the total storage needed is less than the sum of these.

It’s about 60gb. (All three games are in one file.)

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