How to redeem the Art Book and Soundtrack?

title. I can’t seem to find how to download it on EGS.

on ioi account website. but its not up yet


Ok thanks cake have fun playing H3

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I’ve been wondering the same for the digital artbook and the OST. I pre-ordered H3-Deluxe edition for PS4 and was mostly excited about the OST. Do you guys have any idea as of why it’s been delayed? IO’s Twitter and website have remained strangely silent about these deluxe items missing.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about the delay, I just want to know where we can keep updated and why is the release of these bonus items delayed.

Players cannot access their Deluxe Edition content.
Status : In-game content (suits and items) are unlocked by completing the Deluxe Escalations. The artbook and digital soundtracks are downloaded via your linked IOI Account. We’re investigating a fix that will allow affected players to download them.

its up guys. make sure to boot up h3 before going to


Oh shit lol nice cake

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wut? you mean the OST & digital artbook?

Edit: The “Birth of Hitman” comic book and the 3 suits (Futo, Lynch and Freedom Phantom) were already available to me on Jan. 20. But the Digital “World of Hitman” book and the game OST that were supposed to be available with the Deluxe edition weren’t there yet.

I already know those two items will be available to download from our IOI account, I would just like to know when these will be made available.