How to start the built-in benchmark

Every time I start the benchmark from the launcher it just starts the game. The benchmark does not run. Any way to start the benchmark in game?

From in-game there is no way to start a benchmark.
You sure you open launcher’s settings and hit a button something like “Start a benchmark with current settings”? This button is in the very bottom

Ya I hit the button and the game starts with the logo then main menu. What should happen when “Start a benchmark with current settings” button is hit? I am playing offline, could that be it?

I don’t know how launch the game in offline mode.
When I’m trying to launch it without Internet connection, I got bunch of errors from Epic Launcher.
When I start the game normally, HITMAN 3 loading screen appears and after the load benchmark starts.
It’s just a self-playable scenes with technical info.
Like this: