How were we intended to play Bangkok (Club 27)?

Good question.
Especially since IOI never confirmed any canon kill of a target.
Even if they did, it was only a few, not for every single target in the game

Hints, dialogues, clues… I don’t know, maybe even nohow

Made a topic about this the other day if you are interested where I’m detailing all the evidence (or what seems to be evidence) of canon kills throughout the series:-

I think the devs had some canon kills in mind. They talk about it here at 3:23:-

But I think they also class the game as a sort of ‘multiverse’ where everything could possibly happen meaning everything could technically be canon.

Please no (not entirely at least, nerfing is ok), I haven´t had a chance to have fun with it yet :weary:

EDIT: Shit…

Druzhina 34 ICA Wallbang
We’ve removed the Shockwave and Wall-piercing perks from the Druzhina 34 ICA sniper rifle when it is used outside of the Sniper Assassin mode. These were never intended to be available outside of the Sniper maps.

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The backyard shed used to contain a security room where you could delete recordings. It was simple to get there suit only in 2016. This was removed though not long after, sometime before Colorado’s release. Sorry if you already knew. I hate shooting cameras too and try to delete recordings first.