How would classic Hitman missions fit into WOA?

This is more of the result of a lots of ideas and thoughts I have while playing some of the classic hitman missions and seeing where things can improve.

So this thread is more of a mix between the many, many create your own missions and bonus missions thread, as well as @Kent’s “Improving [Insert mission name]” series of threads (Hopefully this is alright with you).

IOI has perfected (or significantly improved, whichever seems more appropriate) the Hitman formula in the newer games, so having older missions with more responsive controls, graphical improvements, new gameplay mechanics, etc will allow older players to see them in a new light while introducing newer ones to these missions without alienating them with some of the more dated parts of the classic games. I think I’m not the only person who thought of improving some of our favourite missions from past games.

So if you do have an idea to modernise and improve a mission, then this should be the right place to post about it. It does have to fit with the current WOA limitations. So unfortunately no gameplay mechanic we haven’t seen before in WOA or Absolution (since they share similar mechanics). Not sure how A dance with the devil fits here, since it’s built around working lifts. (Ah well, I’m sure the community will find a way)

I want to apologise in advance to @Franz in case I butcher something, misspell it or made a mistake .

I just replayed Traditions of the Trade from C47 and I think it could be improved like this:

  • I think the level would be much better if Fritz starts in his route. Have him either come to the bath himself or by a trigger.
  • Same with Franz. Have him start in a route around the right side of the hotel (right one from the lobby, where the guests are staying in), and have him shower when a trigger is activated.
  • Have the bomb room be soundproof and prepared to contain the bomb as a failsafe. If 47taampers with the bomb Fritz will check up on it. 47 can then lock the door behind him (similar to the sauna from Traditions of the trade and Situs Inversus) and blow up the bomb remotely (similar to that one kill in Absolution where a glass panel cage falls to the target and explodes inside, killing him). To make it not as easy for speedrunners, either make the bomb not complete objectives completed voiding SA or giving Fritz some time to check on it, wasting time in the process.
  • There could be an opportunity where the Fuchs brothers meet to discuss something. Could be in one place or multiple (Dentist office, bathhouse (lock it up during it like Contracts), restaurant (same as bathhouse), or Franz’s room) with different triggers for each and different kill options for each (same as above, poison, double drowning similar to Haven, pen kill.)
  • Let us poison some foie gras (or any other type of “fatty foods”), get Fritz to eat it.
  • Have 47 register at Fritz’s dentist office for an appointment, or disguise as someone who has one. Fritz will try to hide the bomb before the appointment, (maybe allowing the other kill opportunity I mentioned previously?) after doing so he will meet with 47, who can then kill him in the private office and take the bomb.

If someone has done a mission before yours, then you can still post your own ideas about it. Same with if someone made a mistake or if you disagreed with someone else.


They would have to be entirely redesigned to fit current functions etc.

They would become brand new missions, although with the same location with a different layout and the same targets

So early!

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That’s basically the way I think the missions are going to be transferred to fit WOA. Just wanted to ask but do you have any legacy missions that you would fit into WOA? I’d like to see how someone changes the chicken in the meat King’s party, the lonely, soulless streets of St. Petersburg and especially the elevators in YBWO… and ADWTD.

Can I ask you what you meant by this?

  1. The one in a hotel in which you assassinate fitz. I don’t remember much I haven’t played C47 in months. All of the Hong Kong missions are for sure.
    (I was talking actual “classic” missions, not bm)

  2. 13 days late.

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I haven’t played much classic Hitman games, Absolution only, to be exact.
I suppose some of the Absolution missions can be taken to WOA easily like King of Chinatown, Hunter and Hunted(the game play of Chinese New Year scene feels much like The Apex Predator) ,Shaving Lenny ,Fight Night and Death Factory. Some of them, on the contrary, is designed to fit in the linear gameplay of Absolution and focuses on story and visual feast, such as Terminus, Run for Life, Redwood ,Skurky’s Law and Operation Sledgehammer, is hard to shown in WOA. For some of them, such as Birdie’s Gift, End of the Road and One of a Kind, the answer is NO.

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