How would I accomplish the Feats: Hammer Time?

It said that it was inspired by Bongeh&Tommy from TwoAngryGamersTV. I’ve never watched that program. I even never heard about it.

As far as I remember you’re only allowed to use the hammer to KO NPCs. No coins for distractions, no use of guns. You’re allowed to snap necks.
Not really sure if you have to KO a certain number of NPCs for it to work.
Edit: You’re not allowed to equip anything else than a hammer. And you have to be undetected.

Most of these topics the OP keeps making have walkthroughs on YouTube. Just… putting that out there. :confused:

I guess on youtube there are many walkthroughs, but I can’t access youtube in China. :sweat_smile:


Okay, then follow these directions: (found this from the official TwoAngryGamersTV YouTube channel).

  • Grab the hammer on the left side of the start area.
  • Jump over the fence, go left.
  • Knock out the guard standing by the truck, put him in the box nearby.
  • Go through the checkpoint box in front of you, you will be on the left side of the level now.
  • Knock out the two patrolling soldiers here. Make sure to hide their bodies.
  • Make your way to the pipe at the back corner of the area (where a soldier is standing guard, under the room where the target plays chess)
  • Knock out the soldier standing guard, put his body somewhere where it won’t be seen (you may need to lure him away first)
  • climb up the pipe.
  • If the target is in the room, great. Knock out his soldier bodyguard, knock out the target, then snap his neck.
  • Get to the exit. Then it’s done.

The AngryGamers actually snapped every NPC’s neck after knocking them out, but I don’t think that’s necessary for the challenge. (if it is, then just do everything above while also snapping anyone who you knock out)

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From my experience, these steps are not necessary. Doing so could be even a risker.

Welp, that’s what the OG people do, so… just in case. :man_shrugging:

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